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Gardening – Hardy Hibiscus


Hardy Hibiscus

This photo is of  a gorgeous “Hardy Hibiscus.”  The Latin name is:  Hibiscus moscheutos, and details can be found at:, as well as in gardening books an on-line resources.  I also have provided some plant care links below.

FEAR NOT:  If you bought one (or more) of these,  and you finally begin to see the lovely Spring flowers bursting into new life…. but this one still looks dead…. do not worry!  After all the other early season jewels come to share their glory, then – and only then – will these flowers raise their dinner plate sized heads to beam at you. This happens roughly when the temperatures are around 70 degrees.

We’re all anxious for Spring to come; but, in Virginia, it’s wise to make yourself wait until Mother’s Day to plant anything that really is tropical…(my favorites, of course).  Wait ’til the frost nights are surely over.  But, you can plant other things, like violas or pansies, etc.

Hardy HIbiscus

Hardy HIbiscus

Plant Care Instructions:  for Hardy Hibiscus, here is one source:

Here’s another source to tell you how to find out if you have a tropical or a cold-hardy hibiscus.

Love this huge and glorious flower – but so do the deer, so you may want to spray with a product, like Bobbex,, on all new growth!

Fish People – Goldfish and Coy Photography

Good Close UpGoldfishGolden OrangeFish SwimingFeed MeDSC_0032 DSC_0034 DSC_0043 DSC_0046 DSC_0051Goldfish and Coy Photography

I thought you might enjoy these pictures of goldfish and coy swimming together or asking to be fed.  The photographs are from my collection. (Some were shot through a protective wire mesh cover, which was a bit of a challenge.)  Still, they worked pretty well, given the limitations.  It would have been more fun to jump into the water with them!

If you want to see if you can do better, I found these lovely creatures at Merriefield Garden Center in Northern Virginia.  They have everything:  plants, wine, a dog run, landscaping services, recycling services, and – yes – FISH!  They are indoors now, waiting for summer, just like we are!

Here is the garden center’s website:

About coy:  According to Wikipedia, “The word koi comes from Japanese, simply meaning “carp”. It includes both the dull grey fish and the brightly colored varieties. What are known as koi in English are referred to more specifically as nishikigoi in Japan (literally meaning “brocaded carp”). In Japanese, koi is a homophone for another word that means “affection” or “love”; koi are therefore symbols of love and friendship in Japan. The koi is also an often recurring symbol in Irezumi, the Japanese art of traditional tattooing.” For more info, go to:






Flower Arrangement

Good Morning, Flowers!

   Thanks for brightening up the day for the humans who will view you!

  We’ll be adding more, as photographs are taken for some of our publications and blogs.

  Stay tuned!

Hardy Hibiscus Flowers, Anyone?

Hardy Hibiscus (5)

Hardy Hibiscus (18)White Hardy Hibiscus Flowers


Many more pictures will be displayed here, and they may be licensed to you for your use and enjoyment.  Contact me, if you are interested!

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Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Tapping PointsTapping – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Hello, People!

Are you familiar with the Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  phenomenon?  This is a semi-miraculous, ritualized, way of “tapping” with your fingers on acupressure points on your body, while speaking about topics that have caused issues for you in areas such as health, financial circumstances, emotional pain, or some other theme.

For a more formal definition, here’s one from the ever-present Wikipedia:  “Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy.  During an EFT session, the client will focus on a specific issue while tapping on “end points of the body’s energy meridians.”

Tapping – Emotional Freedom (EFT)  Process

For those of you who are unfamiliar, here are the steps.  First, you identify the concern and pay concentrated attention to the sensations that arise, as your mind thinks about the issue and the emotions begin to be expressed in the body.  You might feel tightness, fear, pain, or any number of things.  As you experience whatever the body is communicating to you, you acknowledge it and assign it a number – between 1 and 10 – to describe the intensity of those feelings as you think about the problem.

You then state (usually aloud) that – in spite of this difficulty – you love and approve of yourself.  You do this three times, while tapping on the appropriate acupressure point.  (In this case, it is called the karate chop point.)  After that portion of the technique Is done, you go through a series of tapping points, using different words to overcome the feelings associated with that issue.  During the process, you stop periodically, to “check in” with your body and see if the sensations have changed.  You then re-assign a number between 1 and 10, if the intensity has transformed.  Often the number has gone from 10 to a very low number or to 0 after just a few minutes of this exercise; and the issue becomes resolved.

Skeptical Smiley FaceSOUNDS CUCKOO, DOESN’T IT?!!  But, guess what!  IT WORKS

    Here is a link where you can learn much more and get testimonials about how great it is:

     So, why am I blogging about Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?  The answer is……..drum roll, please……..because I often do not like the words I hear being used to resolve the issues.  I think  the words – which are creating a new reality for you – need to be carefully chosen, so as to create the most healthful outcomes: mental, physical, and spiritual.

Consequently, I have decided to create some” tapping scripts on a wide variety of subjects.”  I’ll give a good sample on the website for free; and, if you like the sample, you can get more on my upcoming 8 For 8 program.  (Under many of my posts, I’ll be offering 8 something or others for $8…. In this case, 8 carefully crafted and tested scripts for $8.  Another example would be 8 short speeches (like wedding or retirement toasts) for $8).  So, stay tuned.  Tapping Scripts will soon be available and will focus on abundance, health resolutions, overcoming broken hearts or loss of loved ones, and more!    If you are interested, be sure to send me your name and email address and let me know.  I also will be discussing this in more depth in my new wellness website:  I hope you will check me out there to follow me and to share health information and tips with people whom you know could benefit!

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Catching My Breath!

Are You Laughing?!…as I teach myself how to create websites, while actually creating a website for my new business, My Persuasive Presentations, LLC.  (It might have been wiser to take a class first; but I save wisdom for other endeavors!) 

Since I also am a  public speaker and teacher, I  do love creating classes and training materials, so I shall add that to the list of products and services that soon will be available.  I have been accused of being very “theatrical,” so, if you have work for me to do, we’ll see if we can spice it up and keep the students from texting during class!  (It helps if you don’t just read the slides, you know.)

Hope you will come back often and will follow me, once I’m fully “up and running.”  (I’m running now – thus, “catching my breath,” but all my offerings will not be “up” for at least  another week.) 

Thanks for visiting!