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Surprise! Everyone Meditates, Whether They Know It Or Not!

See my Blog (with instructions for basic mediation and some details about my advanced class) at My Get Well Guru  website:   Here’s a little sample to give you the gist, but the full article is there.



I love Wikipedia for research! Here is part of their definition of meditation.

“…meditation refers to a … variety of practices … to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force (qi, ki, prana, etc.) and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness …(and) to enable its practitioner to enjoy an indestructible sense of well-being while engaging in any life activity



Swamiji Chinmayananda

One of my favorite teachers was Swamiji Chinmayananda(an investigative reporter turned Himalayan monk) used to say meditating is like riding a stationary bike in your home. “You know all along you’re not going anywhere. It’s the practice that counts.”

To paraphrase Shirley MacLaine, every time you stare at a candle flame, a sunset, waves of the ocean, or a fire in the hearth, you are meditating. Other people call it “zoning out.”

Fire and Ice Sunset on Frozen Shores

We all do it; we just don’t call it meditation. We can benefit more by doing it consciously and daily, even if only for a few minutes.  Got to my other website for more information:  My Get Well Guru


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Did Nancy Get Lost? Update!

How many of you have wondered, “Did Nancy Get Lost?”  Update!

keyboard_help_key_800_clr_8838Thanks for you concern.  The answer is, “No.”

On the other hand, I FELT lost, when my computers constantly lost connectivity, and I was unable to accomplish all my work, such as posting my blog, etc.  I have had to change Internet Service Providers.  ‘Bye, bye, Comcast.  That’s all I will say here.

Here are the things I’ve been doing while you wondered, “Did Nancy Get Lost?”

Update!  My Get Well Guru Newsletter for Health Nuts

girl hugging Huskies in winter forestOf course, despite computer problems, I had to do my monthly newsletter for my other website  I have a collection of people, whom I affectionately call “Health Nuts,” who want to get my monthly newsletter, which is about new or unusual things in the wellness world, and is not just about things I sell.  If you would like to receive it, just email me, and I’ll add you to the list.  I never, ever, ever sell or share your contact info with people who want to market to you. Continue reading