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Next Meetup: Affirmations, Visualization, Meditation

burning yellow candle with purple orchid on black rocks and waterNext Meetup: Affirmations, Visualization, Meditation

Probably, most of you are adjusting to the changes that Fall Schedules bring after Summer is over, so I want to remind you that we have a special (college-level – but easy to understand) class, from 1 – 5 on Tuesday, October 6th. That class is held at Blossomforth for a deeply discounted price offered just for you, and it compares and contrasts Affirmations, Creative Visualization, and Meditation. I will give you extensive notes and links for more exploration on your own.

Then, in the evening, during the regular Meet Your Self! session at Blossomforth in Manassas, from 7-9, we shall spend time actually coming up with our personal or professional goals and writing affirmations in the correct way, based up on what we learned earlier. I truly hope you can attend one or both, as we build our community. I feel sure you can contribute greatly to the conversation.

Since not everyone can register on Meetup, you may not know we had 9 people last time (at our very first meeting), but it helps a lot if you will RSVP on Meetup, so I know how many handouts to prepare. Thanks a bunch and hope to see you there!

(Note: I also teach these classes to other groups and individuals, but at the regular rates.)

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burning yellow candle with purple orchid on black rocks and water

Meet Your Self! Meetup Group

Meet Your Self! Is My New Meetup Group In No. Virginia

Hello, People! Once a month, let’s take a time out from all our activities and obligations to re-acquaint ourselves with our own Inner Essence, exploring body, mind, spirit, intuition, and emotions from many healthful viewpoints. In other words, this is an opportunity for you to Meet Your Self!

On September 1st, we held our first, organizational meeting where we talked about the Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation, according to Native American Medicine traditions. Our next meetup is on October 6th, in Manassas, Virginia; but it is preceded by my seminar on the

Differences and Similarities Among

Affirmations, Visualizations, and Meditation.

Chakra Symbos on person in yoga poseThe seminar is an in-depth “compare and contrast” seminar, exploring both the similarities and differences among Affirmations, Creative Visualization, and Meditation. This class has been taught at a college; is available for booking as a seminar or webinar  on my websites;  and now is offered, at a discounted price to those who attend my Meetup. It includes extensive handout notes, including links and resources for further study.

Here is a comment from an adult learner (male business owner), who took this class.

“I first met Nancy as a student in a class she gave on Creativity Visualization. The class was amazing for its comprehensiveness and summary of various concepts in this field of spiritually. Since this first encounter, I have sought out Nancy’s advice. Nancy has provided excellent advice in a most professional manner. I have come to respect and value Nancy’s advice and counsel.”

The only complaint I’ve ever gotten about this class (and about my other metaphysics and holistic healing classes) is that the students wanted the class to be longer!  They even said this when the class was four hours long!  So, you can see we had fun and learned a lot. The highest compliment I got in all my recent classes was that not a single person even looked at his/her cell phone during the entire class!  YEA!

To join the group and/or RSVP for our meetings, go to Meet Your Self!

yin/yang yoga graphic

abstract yoga background – vector illustration

The seminar will be followed by the evening meeting (7-9) at which we shall practice writing correctly worded affirmations to support accomplishment of our individual goals. Although it would be helpful, you do not need to have attended the seminar before attending the evening Meet Your Self! gathering. You can join and RSVP for the evening session at Meet Your Self!

Contact me with questions or to book this seminar for a different group, as an individual, and/or as a webinar.

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