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Envision Enhanced Vision

My new series of seminars and workshops, entitled “Envision Enhanced Vision.”

smiley face - surpriseDid you know that each “personality” – in a person with multiple personality disorder – had different vision and the shape of the eyes change?!  This points to the fact that only about 10% of vision is a function of the physical eyes, muscles, etcetera; and most of sight is determined by the mind and sub-conscious, including fears and beliefs. Tension results in contraction, and eye sight issues can result from prolonged or acute circumstances involving these emotions.

  • Emotionally, this is a contraction – a pulling in to shut out pain or danger – like a turtle, pulling in its head and legs to be safe within its shell. Sub-Conscious: Purpose: Preserve Life, Health, and Safety.
  • About 40% of the American population is near-sighted.
  • Poor eyesight can be caused by extreme tension, which also may affect blinking functions.
  • “Muscular Armoring” results from tension in eye muscles – the body is trying to build barriers to protect the mind and emotions from anger, fear, memories, etc.
  • Only about 10% of vision occurs in the eyes; 90% is a function of the optic center in the brain (in the occipital lobe, which is part of our subconscious and regulates our automatic (or involuntary) functions (like digesting food, breathing, etc.).

Envision Enhanced Vision – What Can Help?

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