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Job Hunting

New Class ~ Job Hunting in the Age of Technology

fingers crossed

Cross Your Fingers!

You have to do a lot more than just cross your fingers to be successful. I have been involved in hiring procedures, as well as supervisory functions, during most of my extensive business career. I even created a complete Human Resources Department “from scratch”  for a company in New York City once upon a time;  and I have learned a lot from current Recruiters in a tough job market, where the rules and procedures  “ain’t what they used to be.” Recently, I compiled a resume and cover letter for a cost-estimating, construction engineer, who hired me as a professional writer for this task. In effect, he was offered the job ~ on the phone ~ immediately upon the company’s receipt of his materials, even though they were about ready to hire someone else! It was Thrilling! See his testimonial by clicking here.

I also have created a class for job hunters. It gives tips to entry-level job seekers, as well as to old pros. It is available for individuals and groups, as is my class on whether to and how to start a business, if you think the time is right to venture forth. Continue reading