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Homelessness True Stories


This script is an excerpt from my playbook of true stories about homelessness. It is called ” 3 Hots & A Cot,” and the monologues were performed by the people who were homeless and living at a 1,400 person shelter in Washington, D.C.  Learn More Here

READER’S DIGEST ~ Homelessness ~ True Stories

(c) 1990  (Rev. 11-29-16)                 Nancy Wyatt           All Rights Reserved

How many of you have ever read Reader’s Digest – that section where people write about their “most unforgettable character?” I should write one of those articles, ‘cuz I met some truly unforgettable characters while living in the shelter!

clown and dog made from a balloonLike “Blossom,” for example. Blossom is a man. But not an ordinary man. He’s a clown! A real clown, who dresses up each day in a Scottish kilt, wearing silly bloomers underneath. He paints his white face even whiter and adds big red lips outlined in black. Then he sticks a red ball on his nose, puts on an orange wig, and does magic tricks and pantomime. He makes toy poodles and hearts by twisting balloons into shapes. I never can figure out why the balloons don’t pop when he does that! He performed at the White House and for children’s parties all over the city. But, clown work is seasonal! Who would have thought that? (pause) He sure does when he runs out of money each year! Yes, Blossom is unforgettable. Continue reading