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Unfinished Works of Art

Dr. C. DeLores Tucker

Unfinished Works of Art – an Ode to Black Women

In 1995, I wrote Unfinished Works of Art and dedicated it to Dr. C. DeLores Tucker, who, along with the Honorable Shirley Chisholm and others, founded the National Congress of Black Women at the urging of Rev. Jesse Jackson.   Dr. Tucker used to call me “The Blue Eyed Soul Sister.”  I met her when a group of us founded the Prince William County, Virginia chapter. (Of course, I was the only member of the Caucasian persuasion.)  Dr.  Tucker was the first African-American female Secretary of State in Pennsylvania and so much more, as you will learn if you click on the link below the next photo.  She cared deeply about the education of children and about the political processes which occur in formulating governmental policy.  She was a strong, regal, elegant woman, who always wore a turban that matched her many-hued suits.  See her beauty here.  I miss her. I think I sent her a copy of my poem; but, it all happened some years ago, and I cannot remember.

What inspired me to write this poem, aside from my long history of involvement in civil rights causes, was my looking around at a room full of beautiful Black women, of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Everyone was dressed in the traditional black suit, with a purple, gold, and black Kente cloth across one shoulder. (Kente cloth originated from the Ashanti people in South Ghana. Below are samples.)

By Adam Jones – →This file has been extracted from another file: Kente Kumasi 2010-06-30.jpg, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Learn more about Dr. Tucker at:

Now, here is my poem describing the elegant, intelligent, socially-aware and active Black women with whom I kept company that day and for a long time thereafter. That is one group of women whose company I love, because they are conversant about almost every topic of importance, they are actively loving,  and they are supportive of educational and social service to the whole community. I am so blessed to have spent time with them.



(c) 1995                   Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt                All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to Dr. C. DeLores Tucker  For Showing Us The Way


They say that Martin had a dream

But, he is not the Only One

Who awakened from a sound sleep

In the midnight hour of

America’s Apartheid

Creator God, Behold Your Daughters!

A multi-hued array

of African-American art.

Each one

Wearing the stamp of individuality

In feature, as well as in mind,

Rather than coming from some classic,

Uninterrupted mold

Which can be had at Tiffany’s

Or Woolworth’s.

The same hip

That balances a baby

With an old wood stirrin’ spoon

Can balance

A briefcase and a laptop computer.

The same lips

That shout, “Come here, boy!”

Can form the words,

“Mr. President, I object.

Here is what we’re going to do.”

People, don’tcha’ know

That – to this very day –

Whenever a manchild is born

The Old folks’ intently piercing eyes

Ask the question once  again,

“Are You The One?”

But, I ask each of you

Women sprung from the womb

of Mother Africa

Molded by the Master Hand of God Who Loves You

Beautiful Works of Art ……….  In Progress

I ask YOU

Are You The One?