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Business Etiquette ~ Hello, Goodbye, and Please Don’t Blow the In-Between

Business Etiquette ~ The Beginning, End, and a Common Error

business etiquette coffee mugI was curious about changes in business etiquette. So, I looked at a Business Insider article, which excerpts fifteen points made by Barbara Pachter in her new book “The Essentials of Business Etiquette.” Let’s mention just three topics, along with my commentary.

Business Etiquette – Introducing Yourself

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“I’m glad to meet you. My name is Nancy Wyatt.”

Always say your full name.

  • That works well if your name is “John Smith.” However, what if it is a long, complex, name which may be difficult for people to remember or pronounce? Pachter’s suggestion is to change or shorten it. For example, my Master Hypnotherapy teacher is Sarojini Changkakoti. I love saying her name, but she knows some people find it difficult, so she lets them call her “Sara.”
  • Pachter also suggests the idea of writing down the pronunciation of your name on a business card. That is a clever way to help the recipients without making them self-conscious about their inability to remember or pronounce your name(s) when they meet or talk with you later.
  • Pachter also recommends standing up during introductions to enhance the power of your presence. This, literally, “puts you on an equal footing,” reinforcing your equality and helping people remember you better.

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  • Of course, you want to have prepared an appropriate “elevator speech.” However, that is too long a topic for this post. Contact me if you are interested in my business classes or specifically about elevator speeches.

Business Etiquette – I’m Sorry – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

blue smiley face business etiquetteBe aware of what you are projecting when you talk.

Women, in particular, often have a pattern of saying they’re “sorry” (although they have done nothing wrong). Why?

We also thank people repeatedly for just one thing. I even do this while driving. I wave “thanks” when someone slows down to let me merge into traffic. I might even do this twice and then again after I have merged into the stream, just so they’ll know I REALLY appreciate it. Continue reading