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I help people gain deep insight into situations, into themselves, and into potential resolutions to problems. This enables folks to stress less and to make productive changes in their lives. I also offer specific products, presentations, classes, writing and editing services, and more. Keep scrolling to learn about my background in:
  • business and training
  • community service
  • holistic healing
  • life coaching
  • HypnoMeditations
  • performing and literary arts.
 In summary, I’m Nancy (aka “Ayanna“) Wyatt, author, writer, editor, teacher, trainer, public speaker, operations manager, consultant, certified life coach, and hypnotherapist (with many holistic healing certifications and community service awards).You will find information below which may answer your questions.

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My Author’s Page on Amazon

Man in silhouette against an orange sky = book cover picture for Three Hots and a Cot" by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt

In the meantime, here is the link to my Amazon Author’s Page, where you can find my newly-published book, Three Hots and a Cot, Stories of Courage from People Struggling with Homelessness, Addiction, and AIDS. These are true stories of the brave friends I found while volunteering at the biggest shelter in the United States.
The Kindle and paperback versions have been converted from my playbook (of the same name), which still is available for use by theatrical groups. Now it is in book form for everyone to enjoy and from which all can learn about homelessness, addiction, and AIDS.


Smiley Face in Graduation cap celebrating Nancy graduated at last!Attended: Colorado State University, Cornell University, and Hunter College (part of the City University of New York).

Graduated: June 1980, Hunter College: BA Degree in Sociology (Summa cum Laude).

smart_phone_floating_media_icons_1600_clr_9133I am a life-long learner, the self-taught creator of my web pages, and I enjoy learning new software applications.

Current Work: Writing, Editing, Graphic Design, Presentation Services

I do lots of writing, editing, reviewing, training, speech or class development, and other work online and can “serve the world.”

fingers on keyboard and Nancy's company name + services listed on bannerseated figures talking in a circleBut, I like the personal touch, so I also hold classes, training, and private consultations in-person throughout Northern Virginia, as far West as Winchester and Front Royal, and as far south as Fredericksburg and Warrenton/Culpeper.

I have created a page called Editing, Writing, Reviewing Fees and Services, under which there should be pages which describe in some detail the various kinds of projects with which I can help you. Click Here for another link about some of the classes I teach. Click Here to learn about my Life Coaching services. Yet, there is so much more!  Keep scrolling down for general “overview” information in all these areas.

Classes ~ I Teach and Train

Nancy, dressed in all white, speaking with notes in her handI don’t just write. I train and teach. One of my classes is about whether to and how to start a business.  Although I don’t speak Spanish, I have an excellent translation into Spanish for the extensive notes in this class.

woman looking up from work on laptopOther (English only) modules include lessons in basic business and computer skills for (often-timid) beginners. I offer individual instruction for older people who grew up before ‘the computer age.’

I can help them learn in a self-paced, non-judgmental way. They’re not dumb; they just have not been taught and might be fearful, even though they want to learn.

I also provide consulting services and many programs involving personal and spiritual growth.  See theWho Is “My Get Well Guru?” section below.

A part of my mission is to create training modules for clients, as well as to teach classes to my own clients. I can develop and train on soft-skill topics and in highly technical topics. Click Here for examples.   

I Can Help You “Change Your Life.

Let’s start with the personal, followed by potential business needs.

Change your lifeNancy Wyatt - Head shotI am a certified Life Coach, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/”tapping”) practitioner, Reiki Master and more. Change is possible if you learn the proper tools and techniques. I’ll be happy to teach you.

You may choose to Change Your Life in several ways, such as:

  • changing habits that no longer serve you well
  • determining career options
  • finding health solutions
  • improving relationships
  • enhancing spiritual knowledge and practice
  • learning how to release fears, phobias, stress, PTSD, or other trauma symptoms
  • investing in personal growth.
  • considering starting a business 

Conceivably, you’re just in transition as you “Age to a New Stage!”

To see periodic posts related to changing your life and/or philosophical ideas that help you change how you see things, try my FB pages. Change Your Life and NancyKnows.

Magenta icon for Contact Us

Before reading further, if you already know you are interested in a free, initial consultation and/or you want more information, feel free to contact me now at MyPersuasivePresentations@gmail.com and put “Consultation Inquiry” in the subject line. Otherwise, please keep reading.     

Let’s Get Down  To Business

I’ve  Done a Lot More than being a Writer, Editor, Trainer, Etc.

Nancy in a business suit working at a deskIn addition to being a Life Coach, writer/editor, and presenter, I am a seasoned manager who has provided leadership, developed training presentations, and directed a multitude of administrative operations. I’ve worked for:

  • international corporations
  • small businesses
  • state agencies
  • higher education
  • non-profits.

business woman in red dress has many arms full of coffee, notes, briefcase, and more as she is multi-taksing GIFMy duties ranged from fiscal operations to emergency operations. It went from grants administration to police and parking enforcement, and from procurement and contract administration to event planning and human resource functions.

I have trained staff and developed operations and personnel policies and processes throughout my work life. This in-depth experience makes me familiar with the fundamentals of all types of functions and organizations.

stick figure drawing goals for trainingMy varied and extensive background knowledge helps me help you. We can collaborate on training modules, as well as developing policies and procedures, to ensure you are covered for audits.

Those “p&p’s” can be codified in process-oriented forms to help your employees (and you) know and remember what needs to be done in the way of best practices.

That also enhances the probability that you and your employees are in compliance with various laws, regulations, and policies you have set for your company or project.   

Who Is “My Get Well Guru?”

woman meditating with candle and waterThis very same Nancy (Moi) is certified in a number of wellness modalities, commonly referred to as “Complementary and Alternative Medicine.”  As a Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and a holistic healer (aka My Get Well Guru), I write and teach about meditation, metaphysics, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

HypnoMeditations and the Sleep Like a Baby Guided Meditation

sleeping baby in knit cap, lying on a bed of colorful towels against a background of blue sky and white cloudsI create HypnoMeditations to help people heal themselves and overcome limiting beliefs, emotions, and patterns of behavior. The picture you see here is one of my HypnoMeditations, called Sleep Like A Baby, which has been proven to help people sleep. (It actually put the sound engineer to sleep while we were recording it!)

If you missed it at the top of this page, Click Here for my certifications.

My Other Website

(for My Get Well Guru)

You will see more information about those kinds of products and services on another of my websites:  www.getwell.guru.  Please follow me there, too. If you just want tips and articles from many sources about wellness, I recommend my FB page for My Get Well Guru.

Whatever your need, I probably can help you because of my vast life and work experience, my knowledge of self-help techniques which can be used in any and all of the above situations, and my joy in serving you.    

What About Nancy Wyatt, the Volunteer?

My background is more colorful and unusual than I’ll admit, but, here’s a glimpse. I  volunteered in shelters for homeless people and (with “Lifers”) at Sing Sing prison. I’ve been a fashion model, served on Boards of Directors, served as “host family” for people from other countries, and worked with AIDS patients. In Maryland, I once hosted a radio show for sight-impaired listeners. Along with my “day job,” I have spent over thirty years as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioner.

Volunteering at a HUGE Shelter in Washington, D.C. Resulted in Theatrical Performances and the Publication of a Book!

picture of 8 homeless "actors" telling their storiesI became the Producer/Director of a group of homeless individuals whom I conscripted into an acting troupe comprised of shelter residents in Washington, D.C. That is a whole story unto itself. These guys got so good at performing that I was accused of hiring “real actors to pretend they are homeless people!”

Click Here to learn how much fun I had in volunteering with these people who were suffering from homelessness, addiction, AIDS, and more. Some of them are pictured here. I scripted their stories, which now are available in a playbook, called “3 Hots and a Cot.” Click Here to see an example. Happily, all of those friends (the ones who did not die of AIDS, diabetes, etc.) left the shelter and returned to school, jobs, families, and/or started new productive lives. Consequently, I have been left to do the performances as a one-woman show to continue to raise awareness and funds for organizations working on these issues.

Nancy Knows Variety IS The Spice of Life!

So, yes, I have written everything from scripts for the performing arts to newsletters, to complex IT proposals. My workplace memoranda have been lovingly nicknamed, “memobilia.”  There is more, but I’ll spare you. If you missed it at the beginning of this blog, here is the link to the awards I’ve received for community service.     

Writer/Editor Fees by the Hour or by the Project

My fees vary, depending on whether you choose editing, writing, or reviewing services and/or on whether you choose spiritual growth counseling or a formal life coaching program. Each is different and requires differing amounts of “behind the scenes” work from me in addition to any appointments we schedule.

Fees also are influenced by the:

  • amount of lead time you provide
  • degree of complexity involved in the work
  • amount of research involved.
  • travel requirements
  • ability to do the work and transmit it online for the most part.

If you put me on retainer for six months or longer, I’ll give you a reduced rate. You also may qualify in other ways to be one of my VIP Clients. In addition, I occasionally give discounts to specific networking group members and to worthy causes. Contact me for details.

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