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My soothing,  meditation helps you QUIT WORRYING,Quit Worrying Smiley Face can't fall asleep about your health, finances, safety, etc, and to gain a sense of gratitude and contentment, so you can fall asleep and stay asleep, knowing everything will work out for the best in the long run!

CD with note depicting fall asleep guided meditation and musicIt is combined with some of the best relaxation music on the planet, by world-famous Reiki Master, Jamie Llewellyn,  plus a Tibetan Healing bells and chimes version, courtesy of copyright permissions from Paradise Music & Media and my sound engineer, who did the mixing and mastering:  Mr. Gokul Chalasani.

Go to my Sleep Like A Baby page for samples of the background music, and you can learn more plus make purchases there without needing to come back to the blog.  If you prefer to learn more first, keep scrolling down!

DOES ‘SLEEP LIKE A BABY’ REALLY WORK?   YES!  Yea! 3 figures celebrating they can fall asleep

stick_figure sitting on_question_mark wondering if CD will help him fall asleepHow do I know for sure that ‘SLEEP LIKE A BABY’ works?

I KNOW IT BECAUSE, while we were recording the new edition in 2014,  the sound engineer fell asleep while sitting next to me!   I had to give him coffee!  

Smiley Face - Having been asleep, now has sleepy eyes and Morning CoffeeAlso, when my employees tested the first edition (in 1996), they fell asleep long before the end – even though they were sitting or standing!  I had to give them ESPRESSO!!!

Hurry! Send it to me FAST!Furthermore, people, who lost or wore out their copies, ordered new ones AS A RUSH ORDER – sometimes accompanied by their stories and a plea to send it as fast as possible!

Sleep Like A Baby also is a GREAT GIFT to share 

Gift Bow

Gift Bow

Baby in knit cap asleep on colorful towels with cloud in sky in background

Gift card to help you fall asleep with the meditation Sleep Like A Baby

Enjoy Your Gift Card!


How Do I Buy Sleep Like A Baby, And What Do I Get?

Purchase on my Sleep Like A Baby page for the most value and options.  You will see choices, which include Sleep Like A Baby, with two meditation music tracks, plus the Tibetan Healing Sounds (bells and chimes), plus narration only.

Only on my website, you can choose MP3 and wav downlinks or CDs.  Wav files are much better quality than MP3 files.  In either of the download choices, you will get all four background versions (music tracks and narration only) for the meditation.

If you select CD’s, you have two choices:  either:  a) one CD with music and Tibetan bells and chimes, or b) 2 CDs, with more music, the Tibetan bells and chimes, plus a narration only version, in case you want to listen in silence  or use your own nature sounds, different music, etc.

Each meditation is 30 minutes long and repeats once.  Go to my Sleep Like A Baby page to hear a sample of the music selections, which are:  1) Llewellyn’s  Reiki Starlight,  2) Llewellyn’s Reiki White Light, or 3) Tibetan Healing Sounds with bells and chimes as background.

Fall Asleep with  Sleep Like A Baby Guided Meditation

Available WorldWide

You also can purchase ‘SLEEP LIKE A BABY’ MP3 albums worldwide at popular venues, like Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, XBox, etc. See list at bottom of this page,  You should type “Sleep Like A Baby by Nancy Wyatt to access the guided meditation.”

 How Valuable Is A Good Night’s Sleep EVERY NIGHT?PRICELESS!

Are you ready to try Sleep Like A Baby?  You’ll be glad you did!   Yes, you can go to the bottom of this page to see where to purchase the meditations through Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and more; but, since you’re here, you can go directly to my   Sleep Like A Baby page  to make your purchase from among more options!

SLEEP LIKE A BABY recordings also make a great gift for anyone you know who has trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep.  They can change a person’s life for the better!  Let me know if you want to pay for it, but have it sent to a different address from your own.  If you buy on Amazon and some other global sites, you will be offered the same option there.

Sleep Like a Baby: Meditations for Sleep May Be Purchased 

At The Following Popular Sites:







Telecom Italia S.p.A


Amazon Digital Services Inc.











Google Music

Cricket Communications, Inc.

Zik (GroupeArchambault)


Library Ideas / Freegal





Credits For Sleep Like A Baby Production

Music Rights

I purchased copyright permissions from the wonderful Paradise Music & Media,  in Florida.  Paradise also is responsible for global distribution through their partners in the U.K.  Paradise was the recipient of Best New Age Album, Best World Album, Best Healing and Innerspace Album and Music of the Year Award over the past two years presented by the Coalition of Visionary Resources, a not-for-profit trade organization dedicated to supporting independent publishers of visionary books and music.

Sound Engineer

My sound engineer was Mr. Gokul Chalasani, who worked at Nova Music Center when this 2nd Edition was recorded.  (In 2012 and 2013, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)  recognized NOVA Music as one of the Top 100 Music Stores in the country!  Good for them!) 

Graphic Design

Graphic design was provided by Debra Brunner, of Custom Designers, Inc., which won the 2009 Business of the Year given them by Prince William County Chamber of Commerce.  What a delight to work with them!  Great price. Great people. Quick turn around time.  Professional, beautiful art and design work.  30 years of experience.

Manufacturing and Replication

CD Manufacturing was provided by National Media Services, Inc.  This highly reputable company, recommended by professional musicians, does it all. Their services range from design and print jobs to recording in their studio. They manufacture CD’s and promotional products. They are passionate about their work, and they are nice people!

Website Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance was provided by FundUcation and by  ACI Video Pro.  FundUcation is a next-generation platform that connects local businesses with young professionals to engage in short-term work. A portion of earnings is directly contributed towards a worker’s outstanding student loan balance.  ACI Video Pro converted wav files to CD Masters to be used in the manufacturing process.

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