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BLOG ABOUT YOUR LIFE STORY  (This is a PowerPoint, to be shown in Slide Show Mode. The video is too large to upload here; but I can send it to you, if you want it.)  smiley face with hearts

I Can Help You Blog About Your Life Story

  • Would your children and grandchildren LOVE to read a blog about your Life Story?
  • Do you have business reasons for wanting to blog about your Life Story?
  • If you told your Life Story, would you share it  1) on social media, 2) as a performance on stage, 3) in meetings to introduce panel discussions, or 4) as a book?

Some people would LOVE to do this; so, to answer your questions, here is how it works, if you choose me to help you.

Why Should You Choose Me to Blog or Write About Your Life Story? Easy Answer ~

I’m actually quite good at it; I’m not judgmental, and I’ll be nice to you. Also,  I won lots of awards for scripting real-life stories, and some of those stories were filmed by the National Archives or put into the Congressional Record. Scroll down on my “About Nancy Wyatt” page to see honors and awards.)

Thank you for your interest!

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