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Nancy Ayanna Wyatt, The Occasional Poetry ComposerAs the owner of My Persuasive Presentations, LLC, I author so many kinds of writing! The projects usually are for business, or for classes and speeches, or for more traditional web content. I also provide script products and services. In addition, I am a book author. Thus, I am only an occasional poetry composer. In this common age, however, many people enjoy watching videos more than reading. That is especially true during pandemic times and in the technology era when eyes become bleary and heads become achy from too much “screen time.” Plus, PowerPoints can be converted easily to videos, so why not take the chance?

Poetry: From PowerPoint to Video

Having thought of converting my poetry in this way, I chose this experiment, despite the head cold congestion which infuses my voice. I hope you enjoy this short video rendition of my poem, “The Tumbleweed ~ From the Rockies to the  Shenandoah.” Your comments are welcome. Cheers!

Where Did the Time Go? The Occasional Poetry Composer Site Is STILL Under Construction!

orange cones and computer screen with hard hat on it signifying The Occasional Poet site is under constructionI guess you could say (with accuracy) that all my websites are always under construction, as I continue to revise and to add more content. However, I expected to be MUCH farther along on this page by now. Real Life Happens! – and – “It is what it is.”

So, knowing more content will be added, please see the submenus of this page (below) for articles and poems, while we remain “under construction.” Thank you for your patience!


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