Classes – How To Create A Facebook Page (Personal or Business)

Private Instruction on Creating Facebook Pages for Personal or Business Use

Part of the All You Need To Know About…the Basic Business and Computer Skills Series

Facebook Page -2 figures reaching out of laptops shaking handsWho doesn’t have Facebook Pages? There still are many people who have been too afraid of computers to try using them. Some were born before the Age of  Technology. They miss out on being able to “talk” and share photos or videos with distant friends and family. Others may wish to promote a business, an event, or a community service project. Still others may wish to share their artwork or photography on-line.

But, no-one wants to appear “dumb,” and some Creating a Facebook Pagedon’t have the self-confidence to learn in a classroom. That’s where I come in. I won’t think you are stupid, even if you don’t know how to turn on a computer. I’ll take the time to teach you, at your own pace in a private four-hour class. You’ll be able to “post” writing, pictures, and more to your very own Facebook Page. If you need business or event pages, we can do that, too. I’ll provide a detailed instruction manual, with pictures, for you to use after I’m gone. Here’s what one Senior said about it. “Nancy is awesome. Her patience and ability to inspire people to move into unknown territory is a precious gift!!!

All You Need To Know About … Creating a Basic Facebook Page 

Facebook allows you to create personal pages for communicating with your friends (and acquiring new ones you’ve never met). You also can create business pages  and either social or business Groups. You may promote events, and you may sell on-line, using a business page. So, I’ve decided to help Beginners learn how to do these things in small or one-on-one classes. Students have to bring their own wireless laptop or equivalent device which can be connected to the Internet.  

Booking A Class With Me

Contact me to schedule the class. I prefer to teach this one-on-one or with two people who have the same kind of projects in mind. I offer this private lesson at a price well below that which is charged by community colleges for classroom instruction. The manual is free, if you choose to have me send it to you electronically. if you want to purchase a hard copy from me, the cost is $20, which is the printing cost.

Feel free to contact me to answer questions before we schedule a session. You may leave a message at 540-636-4311 (Eastern Time, USA). Thank you for your interest. Let’s get you started!

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