Correspondence For Fixing Things

I Help You Stress Less With My Ability To Create Correspondence For Fixing Things, Whether They Are Business-related Or Personal.

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Tip Of The Iceberg

I can help most when what you need to say is only the tip of the iceberg compared with what you want to say, so you don’t know how to do it. What do I mean by that? I’ll give you examples.

First, let me say that I LOVE helping people in this way. You will be offered a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to determine how we shall proceed. Okay, the following are some examples (with identities protected).

Correspondence for Fixing Things Related to Personal Situations

Fighting for Disability Payments

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Glad I Could Help You!

One of my greatest joys was in helping a person overcome some of the obstacles she faces while suffering from a debilitating immune system disease, which – basically – causes her body to attack itself.

Despite many letters from her doctors and lawyers agreeing that she (over)qualifies for both Social Security Disability and Disability from her employer, both agencies of government repeatedly denied her applications – for two years.

business coffee mug The case finally went before a judge, who read my letter of support, and I was told that he said he based his decision on that letter, saying it was clearly written – without any bias or self-serving agenda – stating the facts, which supported her case.

Not only was she awarded the Disability status to which she was entitled; but she also got the “back payments” that should have been given to her upon her first application. In addition, her husband was able to quit working full-time in body-damaging manual labor, which was beginning to catch up with him, now that he no longer is a “Spring chicken.”

That was before I went into business as a writer, so she made a beautiful purple (my favorite color) afghan for me, as a thank you. It is the kind of treasure people pass down from generation to generation.

I have written correspondence for fixing things in many circumstances. The following are just a few examples, out of hundreds. I’ll bet a double chocolate fudge ice cream cone that I can help you, too! Projects have included:

  • helping people, for whom English is a second language
  • challenging credit card charges
  • composing grievances and responses to grievances
  • creating professional resumes and cover letters (see testimonials)

Correspondence For Fixing Things Related To Business

Below are some short examples from the myriad times I have answered letters of complaints from customers.  (Keep reading or scroll down for examples of higher magnitude in importance.)

figure sitting dazedAt Cornell University, I was a new employee, still trying to remember where the cafeteria is, when my supervisor handed me a stack of letters to answer. Most of them were from parents with questions. One of them was a complaint, involving policies and procedures of which I had zero knowledge. I asked myself, “Why in the world would they give me this to answer? How could I possibly know what to say?” However, I spent some time and twisted brain-power on it, and delivered the stack of letters and my responses the next morning.

Awhile later, my supervisors came to my work station and thanked me profusely for answering that letter. They had planned to hold “a summit-meeting” to try to figure out how to deal with it, and the letter had been given to me accidentally. They were so relieved and happy that the problem had been solved, so I was off to a good start in this new job.


"smelling Like A Rose" happy faceDuring my brief stint, at a famous, high-end, fashion-oriented store in New York City, I had to respond to numerous complaints, from the public, which came to a Vice President/my supervisor. The fad, at that time, was “GIB” stick pins. These were silver lapel pins, with those initials, which stood for “Good In Bed.” The response letter I wrote, explaining about the store’s need to respond to customer demand while acknowledging the complainant’s value system and sensitivity, went to the President, and the VP came back to me with his compliments

Correspondence For Fixing Things On A Major Scale

police captured thiefI explained dangers, considerations, and costs  to a Vice President in charge of all the financial and college campus operations. The document and ensuing conversations resulted in the purchase of millions of dollars in camera surveillance systems for parking lots, dark walkways, and other areas of vulnerability. The systems are designed to help the campus police provide safety to the students and employees, as we faced increasing threats from the Washington, D.C. Metro Area snipers, and potential acts of terrorism, as well as typical bomb threats and bookstore theft rings  that occur regularly on college campuses.

Do It The Write Way!  Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

stick figure w construction symbolThis page is Under Construction, so stay tuned for more examples of how I can help you Fix Things through Correspondence!