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This page will provide links to Excel spreadsheets which may be purchased as a stock or as a customized item.  It will provide links to the Pages or Posts, on this website, where the materials may be found for both description and purchase.

Creating spreadsheets is not my primary focus; however, I shall share products here that I have developed for clients when those spreadsheets can be used in a generic way or when they can be customized for your use.

Plant Care & Cost Tracking

Plant Care & Cost Tracking

A typical example is the Excel Spreadsheet I created for garden centers to use to track plant returns, the reasons for the return (customer plant care error, garden center error, etc.) and what the associated costs – financially and in public relations – may be.  In this case, the spreadsheet is not just a financial tool, but also aids the company in training its employees how to better explain plant care to customers to prevent the returns from occurring.

The particular garden center, for which I developed this product, holds free seminars and could use the associated Power Point presentation to teach its customers how to properly provide for the plants they buy in order to prevent returns.  Here is the link to the page on which this product is available (or will be soon, when my website no longer is under construction!)  https://mypersuasivepresentations.com/gardening/

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