Garden Statue Winter Care

Garden Statue Winter Care


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No matter what kind you like …….


Protect Your Garden Statue Art!

Surprise!  Those beautiful cement statues of Buddhas and dogs and frogs may not be safe in winter!

DSC_0010Why?!  Merrifield Garden Center, in Northern Virginia, taught me that:

when statuary is left on the ground or patio in cold winters, the expansion and contraction of water/ice/water can split the statue or cause it to break off in chips. 



There are a few concepts you can use.


For small items (or even some large ones), just find a suitable nook, and you suddenly will have a fresh, new and original update to your interior design.  It can be a great conversation piece, when people ask about it, as you not only can say why you did it, but share the history of the statuary, where you got it, whether it was a gift, or why you love it.

ElfRabbit Statues Doggy Statues

Can you picture these in a child’s room or in an indoor fairy garden?

Chines Sage Statue Pix - Garden - For Think Small Class 055Pix - Garden - For Think Small Class 049

Can you picture these in a meditation room, bedroom, or living room?


Another idea for larger pieces, which have a small enough base, is to use a trivet! What is a trivet?  This can be made of cloth, but often they are made of some kind of metal, and they are made to protect kitchen counter tops from the heat of pans just removed from the stove or oven.  To tell the truth, I usually go to Kmart ( to get some that are inexpensive.  There are many different designs from which to choose.

heart-trivet imagesStove Trivet

trivet003 wilton-armetale-cherry-blossom-trivetheat-trivet__27830_PE114220_S4

I use trivets under plant pots during the growing season.  It helps with drainage, and, unlike a plant pot saucers, they do not collect water underneath the pot.  That water can stagnate or be a breeding place for insects.

In the winter, I use the trivets under statuary and garden art to lift them off the ground and prevent their cracking from the freeze/thaw cycles.

As you can see, you can find all kinds of styles to suit your decor (inside and out).

images (4) wine-cork-trivet155596images (3)

The Primary Point!

The main thing is to protect these garden statues and other garden art from resting directly on the ground or patio kinds of surfaces.  Elevate them, and allow for water drainage and air circulation.  Our goal is to have NO TEARS of frustration and to be able to enjoy our garden statuary for years to come!

Happy Designing!

Thank You For Sharing Life With Me!

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