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red pen in hand, someone is editing a manuscript without using GrammarlyI have a perfect solution for your writing tasks – even though it may cost me a lot in terms of your desire to hire me as an editor. Read about Grammarly, If you are a person who:

  1. is very smart, but never understood the rules of grammar,
  2. is not highly educated in the English language, but has a lot to say,
  3. finds the use of words, which sound alike, but are spelled differently and have different meanings, very confusing.

Why Do You Care About Spelling, Punctuation, and Word Choice?

money going down the toiletThanks to Sarah Mendes, who contacted me after reading this post, I now can share a report by The Times which states that website owners are paying up to 72% more per click when there is a typo in their content. See more offerings from this source on

In addition, people, whose errors show up in publications of any kind (from social media posts to formal presentations), lose credibility as professionals and as “smart” people. Such errors detract from one’s reputation, potential employability, and possible leadership roles.

While you’re considering which “voice” to use, consider also how to improve your spelling, punctuation, word usage, and grammar.

Grammarly is a FREE app, that anyone can download and use instantly. It provides editing help when you are writing everything from emails, to social media posts, to letters or proposals. It does not always recognize the context in which words are used, and it goes by less stringent use of punctuation than some of us were taught to use. However, using it is better than not employing any tools to help you write well.

Benefits and Limitations

Grammarly will not help with every kind of editing, so here is what it can do and what it cannot do.

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  • Correct spelling errors
  • Know when to use a comma or a semi-colon
  • Decide which spelling of a word is correct in the context of your sentence: for example, you have the right to bear arms, but she is wearing a dress which shows her bare arms.


  • Organize your material in ways that make it read logically and smoothly
  • Find errors in facts or thought processes
  • Rearrange paragraphs
  • Suggest additional materials
  • Research topics
  • Provide graphics, photos, or other images

In conclusion, you still will need an excellent writer and/or editor for many aspects of writing projects, particularly if you need to project a professional image. However, Grammarly is GREAT for helping correct basic spelling and punctuation error in everyday communications, and I highly recommend it.

Headshot of Nancy Wyatt with her brown hair in a bun, wearing a pink and black suit with black earringsIn fact, you probably would get a lower rate from me for editing, if you already had corrected many errors by using Grammarly on your writing project BEFORE you submit it to me for editing. Hint.  Hint.

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