Drugs and Vulnerable Homeless Children

“Please God!” ~ the Plea of a Homeless Child

depressed homeless child on streetGiven the prevalence of addiction in our society in 2017-18, I’ve decided to post this story on my blog for May. This script is taken from the series of monologues I created under the umbrella of “3 Hots and a Cot.” The dramatic readings tell the true stories of people who have been homeless, some of whom were drug addicted.

Each person’s story and the reasons for his or her becoming homeless are different. The tales speak of how the harshness of homelessness affects a typical man or woman.  But, can you imagine how traumatic that experience must be for a child?  Families are the largest growing segment of the population, and thousands of our children are being raised in the streets.  Children who are just like your children.  Children who are just like you were when you were a child.  We have been kind to you here.  We have omitted stories about those kids who are battered or sexually abused in the streets and the shelters.  But, you’d still better get your handkerchief ready for this one. A little girl is speaking.


(c)  1990          Nancy Wyatt          All Rights Reserved

homeless girl eating banana -pouting but no voice

Please, God!  Come see me today.  I am so scared … I don’t think I can ever quit being scared again.  It makes my tummy hurt.

Mommy says you know everything that happens.  She says everything happens for the best.  But, I don’t see how she can say that last part.

How come you let our house burn down?  … ‘specially in the wintertime!  We were outside, freezing in our pajamas while the fire trucks squirted water on the flames.   All our clothes got burned down … and our dishes … and all my toys … EVERYTHING!  Now, how in the world can that be for the best?

And, if you know everything, then how come you let Fluffy die in the fire?  I loved Fluffy!  Now, I’ll never see her again!  How can that be for the best?  I bet she was so scared.  I bet she cried real loud!  Please, God, put Fluffy up in Heaven … and don’t forget to feed her every morning at 6 o’clock!

(pause)  (coyly)  Tony says he’ll buy me a new Fluffy, if I want one … (braggingly)

… and he’s got the money, too!

We thought everything was gonna be okay.  Daddy called our preacher, and he let us stay in the church that night.  But then, we went to a bunch of places called shelters where homeless people live.   They scare me real bad … worse than nightmares.  And, every place we went smelled like somebody had just peepeed!  Oooo!  It’s awful!

Some of those homeless people look just like the pictures I saw on t.v.!  And, they are so loud!  They are always shouting and sayin’ bad words.  It gives me a headache.  And, sometimes, I’ll be talking to one, and he just starts crying!  A grown man!  Crying big ole’ baby tears – just like my little sister!  And, no one even spanked him or nuthin’!  I don’t know what to do.  (Pause)  (Wistfully)  So, I just talk to my friend, Tony.

Hey, God, how come you let them take away our hot plate?  That was the only way we could cook!  We could only cook dumb stuff – not like at home.  But, now we hafta go stand in long lines for cold soup and yucky sandwiches … or, go to some noisy place with a bunch of bummy lookin’ guys slurpin’ soup that tastes like greasy water!  …. Or, sometimes, we don’t get to eat at all – for a long, long time!  How come you think that’s for the best, huh, God?  I don’t get it!

I had to quit school, too.  ‘Cuz we didn’t have any clothes or bus money.  I couldn’t even take my lunch.  Now that I’m back in school, I’m way behind, and the kids are real mean to me.  They found out I live in the shelter.  They call me “Homeless Hannah” and say I sleep with rats!  They beat me up every day ‘til I cry and feel like nuthin.’  Now, how can that be for the best, huh, God?  How can that be for the best?!

Please, God!  Make them stop punching me and stealing my stuff.  Make them quit calling me ugly.  (pause)  (Happily)  One time, Tony caught them, and he FOUGHT for me.  He WON, too!  He beat this guy up REAL BAD!

(Dejectedly)  I don’t know which is worse … going to school or coming back to the shelter.  When I get here, everyone is yelling all day and all night.  You can hardly get any sleep.  They’ve got these guards, and sometimes they hit people with these big ole’ sticks.  They carry guns, too!  Even some other people carry guns, too … people in the shelter!  And knives….  (Shivers)  Please, God, I’m so scared.

The daddies keep hitting the mommies, and the kids are getting smacked all the time.   Even my own mommy and daddy have started fighting every day.   When we were back home, I used to see them kissin’ and laughin.’  Now, it doesn’t even seem like they like each other anymore.  Please, God, make them quit fighting.  GET US OUT OF HERE!

               Please, Mr. God,                        COME OUT WHERE I CAN SEE YOU!

Lots of the big boys wear guns, but some of them are pretty nice.  (spiritedly)  Especially Tony!  He’s real friendly.  He buys me a McDonald’s hamburger with French fries and a coke, and he lets me take this little package to one of his friends up in the shelter.  All I have to do is just wait for the guy to give me another one back and take it to Tony.  And then, he gives me ten whole dollars!

Tony says I’m real responsible … and PRETTY, too!  He kissed me once and chased me into the alley.  He’s real cute and wears all these gold chains!   Just his gun makes me nervous.  And, he has this funny little box he wears that makes this noise.  He says it’s called a beeper, and that’s just what it sounds like, too …. Beep …. Beep …. Beep!

Please, God, take care of Tony.  He’s my best friend.  And, he likes me a whole lot.  He says I can come live with him, if I want to.  And the next time Daddy hits Mommy I think I’m gonna.  I feel so SAFE with Tony.  He’ll get me outta here – even if YOU won’t!

(Desperately)  PLEASE, GOD …. PLEASE!!!

Let’s Raise Awareness Through Our Stories!

gold theatrical masks comedy tragedy3 Hots and a Cot is available as a playbook. This link will give you a summary of the stories which are included. Happily, all the homeless people (who survived and were in my performing troupe) were able to leave the shelter in Washington, D.C. where I met them. They returned to jobs, schools, and families or entered new ones. Learn more about Homelessness in America. Here’s a link which will help you learn more about changes in drug addiction statistics over the years.

Scared young girl with an adult man's hand covering her mouthI also wrote a well-received play about domestic violence.  Needless to say, I care about many social issues and love to write things to raise awareness and/or funding to support worthy causes.


woman's hand holding cup with logo, Change Your LifeI do love interviewing people and telling their stories, whether they are in the form of scripts to be performed before an audience, or as a biography, or even as marketing materials.  Biographies might be for publication or merely as a legacy gift to one’s children and grandchildren. If you have a need or desire to have your story scripted, please contact me, and we’ll discuss details in a free initial consultation.

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