My Get Well Guru

Picture of Nancy Wyatt, My Get Well Guru, in coat of many colors showing turquoise ring and bracelet created by Native Americans Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt

aka “My Get Well Guru”

So, first, what is a “guru?” The Gospel According to Wikipedia, says it refers to “someone who is a “teacherguideexpert, or master” of certain knowledge or field.”  I have been an explorer and teacher in several wellness and metaphysical arenas for many years.  Since I’m often asked to share that kind of knowledge, I have created some social media venues for doing that for broad audiences.

My Get Well Guru Is the name of my new (2014) holistic healing and wellness website, as well as one of my Facebook Pages.

Thus, I have moved the complementary and alternative medicine information from this website to I hope you will look for my (old and new) posts, wellness classes,  meditation and metaphysics classes, and some products there and that you will choose to follow me on that site, as well.

I also have Facebook pages for each business.

My Persuasive Presentations, LLC (training, writing, editing, consulting)

Change Your Life (life coaching, spiritual counseling, classes on metaphysics and techniques to stress less, get over fears and phobias, personal growth, self-care, etc.)

My Get Well Guru  (health and wellness tips and tricks)

Do It The Write Way! Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

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