Memes and More

Memes and More ~ Thoughts For The Day

Memes and More is a new page, and additional content will be added soon. I’ll be happy to create memes for you ~ for personal or business use. There are a few examples below. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy one of my favorite creations below. Watch for the balloon!

Click on the Arrow Below and Let Your Worries Float Away Into The Heavens

(A little exercise you can do at any time and in any place when you’re feeling stressed)

The ‘Let Your Worries Float Away’ Visualization – Daily Use

This visualization is something one can do at any time, using the imagination to help relieve stress by picturing all worries and tensions encapsulated in balloons flying off into space until they look like microdots and then disappear into Nothingness. Try it and enjoy!

Memes and More May Be Single Slides or Videos

I’ll add more soon (I hope) for presenters to use. In the meantime, check out my Nancy’s Novelty Infographics, many of which are animated PowerPoint or videos, but which are designed for presenters to use to announce all kinds of breaks and exercises. I’m in the process of creating that catalog and in showing some of them on my YouTube channel. Keep coming back, as the collection grows weekly!

Here is an example for people who have been in a conference or retreat for days, and flights out are limited.


Pink blossoms and the words" Commit an act of love today"

coffee and chocolate greeting card

If You Want Even More!

We can do longer presentations. I could even rework this one, which I did for my company, and make it suit your company (or project). Let’s talk!

Do It The Write Way!  Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

Logo for My Persuasive Presentations, LLC #vss365