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Hello, People! It has been great fun to create Newsletters for My Get Well Guru (me), while teaching myself how to use new formats in the process.  I am providing links to the published issues below. I also can create newsletters for your business or personal projects, from the simple to the complex. Yes, I know there are ways to do more modest newsletters, using Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM’s), and I have done that. For My Get Well Guru’s newsletter, I prefer the more complex, versatile versions (developed in Word and converted to PDF), because they provide much more opportunity for creativity. That’s what you will see in my archives.

Why Go To These Links To See Newsletters For My Get Well Guru?

This is my attempt to put all my previously published newsletters on-line, so that you can catch up with back issues, if:

  • you want to know whether you should subscribe
  •  you missed some
  • you want to remember what the heck was said on a particular subject!
  • you want to receive special offers and/or reduced prices when I have them. 

Let’s see if the links to the back issues work.  They did when I published this!

Archived Newsletters for My Get Well Guru

2014 Newsletters ~ My Get Well Guru

2015 Newsletters ~ My Get Well Guru

2016 Newsletters ~ My Get Well Guru

I hope you will join my mailing list to receive these monthly newsletters.  I never – ever, ever, ever – share or sell your contact information.  The form is below, if you’re interested.

Thank You For Sharing Life With Me!

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