Next Meetup: Affirmations, Visualization, Meditation

burning yellow candle with purple orchid on black rocks and waterNext Meetup: Affirmations, Visualization, Meditation

Probably, most of you are adjusting to the changes that Fall Schedules bring after Summer is over, so I want to remind you that we have a special (college-level – but easy to understand) class, from 1 – 5 on Tuesday, October 6th. That class is held at Blossomforth for a deeply discounted price offered just for you, and it compares and contrasts Affirmations, Creative Visualization, and Meditation. I will give you extensive notes and links for more exploration on your own.

Then, in the evening, during the regular Meet Your Self! session at Blossomforth in Manassas, from 7-9, we shall spend time actually coming up with our personal or professional goals and writing affirmations in the correct way, based up on what we learned earlier. I truly hope you can attend one or both, as we build our community. I feel sure you can contribute greatly to the conversation.

Since not everyone can register on Meetup, you may not know we had 9 people last time (at our very first meeting), but it helps a lot if you will RSVP on Meetup, so I know how many handouts to prepare. Thanks a bunch and hope to see you there!

(Note: I also teach these classes to other groups and individuals, but at the regular rates.)

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