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Are You Giving them Or Am I Doing It For You

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PowerPoint slides can stand alone or be converted to Video Presentations easily

Let My  Fingers Do Your Talking!

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I LOVE to create videos from stand-alone PowerPoint presentations. Happily, I do it for my own businesses and for clients. As always, I am glad to offer you a free consultation to discuss your project and to see how I may help you.

What About Publishing Your Poetry as a Video

I’ve done that! It’s great and eye-catching for your readers. Click Here to learn more.

Why Choose Me?

Nancy Ayanna Wyatt, author of Presenter GuidelinesThere is a major difference between what I offer and my competitors offer. Here it is! (Logistics allowing), if you cannot give a presentation that I created for you (because of illness, fear, or an emergency),

I’ll Present It For You!

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Contact Me for a FREE Initial Consultation!

If you would like for me to create a new PowerPoint Presentation for your speech, teaching, training, or personal use, let’s talk.  We can do most of our via the Internet and email, thus saving you considerable costs for time and travel!

Examples of Formal Video or PowerPoint Presentations I’ve Created


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Examples of the kinds of formal presentations I have done for Northern Virginia Community College are:

  • Emergency Management Training (created all materials and presented to all levels of management, faculty, and staff)
  • Procurement of Goods and Services via Mandated eVA System (this is the online Virginia procurement system, which both vendors and state employees must use to acquire goods and services.

Metaphysics and Holistic Healing

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Go to Your Meditation Space

I also have PowerPoint presentations on metaphysics, complementary & alternative medicine, and meditation.  However, some of these products are not for sale.  Instead, they are for classes I teach.

Example: a Video About Brain and the Subconscious

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Here is a sample of one regarding levels of Consciousness and Brain Function as they relate to experiencing Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and/or Neuro-linguistic programming. Both of those techniques help people release fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, poor self-esteem, and more. Check it out – in video form.

Gardening – PowerPoint Converted to Video

Never Lose Another Plant

Speeches and PowerPoints Converted to Video

There are many kinds of speeches and circumstances in which the presentation must be made. Because I live in an area that requires a lot of commuting and which has harsh winter travel conditions, I sometimes create my speech and then convert it to a video. Why would I do that? I do it because, if some emergency, road conditions, or other contingency arises, my host can show the video rather than having to cancel the program. Click Here for one of my posts with more thoughts about it.

Learn More About Me & My Work



If you would like to learn more, contact me now to discuss your project and the possibilities. Just email me at and put “Inquiry – Speeches” in the subject line. If we need to talk online, I’ll schedule a Zoom meeting for us.

Do It The Write Way!  Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

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