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Picture of Nancy Wyatt, in coat of many colors showing turquoise ring and bracelet created by Native Americans. S he's showing the plant care videoGardening and plant care. I love plants; but, the deer eat all my prize specimens; the summers get brutally hot and humid; the winters get frigid and snow-laden, and the soil is compacted clay! Other than that, what’s not to love?! Since my favorite plants are “tropical,” I think it’s time to move to Hawaii, so I don’t have to bring them inside during harsh winters.

Gardening It’s a world unto itself, whether you are a farmer or just want to grow one orchid!  I got my Master Gardener certification in 2004 and learned so much in those great classes! Everyone benefits from plant care tips and tricks, like the ones in the full presentation of my Gardening Video, “How To Never Lose Another Plant.”

 Gardening – Never Lose Another Plant!

A PowerPoint, Video, or Webinar Presentation

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This is an animated checking_out_the_view_500_clr_13698PowerPoint or video to use when you’re looking for answers about how to provide the correct light, water, temperature, and more for healthy (indoor or outdoor) plants. Even long-term gardeners have told me they learned 2 new things from watching it! The presentation can be done as a narrated slideshow or with manual forwarding of slides, so that a presenter may ad lib remarks, and it has many uses, as a gift or for you.

For example:

It can be used:

  • by individuals to remind themselves of proper plant care guidelines.
  • by garden clubs to teach newcomers about plant care.
  • by parents and grandparents to train children about how to select correct plants for existing light, water, and location conditions.
  • as a training model, when licensed to a company for such purposes (and I can customize it for you, using your company name, etc.)
  • by companies as a looping training module on screens at the point of sale and other pertinent locations.
  • purchased along with an Excel spreadsheet (see bottom of this post), which helps companies track returns of plants, reasons for returns, and costs of losses due to customers’ improper care of plants.

orange BegoniaSome people grow plants for food; others for dyes; others for medicinal purposes; and others just love the beauty and wonder of watching life emerge in all its forms, or want to teach their children and grandchildren about where food comes from and how to take care of the earth.

What kinds of gardening issues does

Never Lose Another Plant! address?

The problem is that the results of over watering and under watering may have the same appearance in the plant. So, how can you figure out what you did wrong (if anything)?

plant watering; overwatering; underwatering

Watering: 2 much;2 little

This is just one example of what you will find in the presentation, Never Lose Another Plant!

Lady Slipper OrchidI created this presentation in honor of (and offer it now in memory of) Bob Warhurst, the beloved owner of world-class Merrifield Garden Center, which has magnificent plants, expert advice, and is employed by the White House, and other notables in the Washington, D.C. area and even in other states for landscaping, recycling, and interior decoration. Bob loved plants as much as we loved him, and he tried very hard to help people understand how to water properly and “Never Lose Another Plant.”

How To Purchase The Video

The price of “Never Lose Another Plant!” makes it easily accessible to all.  In fact, you might spend twice as much for only one medium-size plant as for the cost of Option One (the webinar in which I am conducting the class for you over the Internet)! The webinar is $30.  Alternatively, you can make an Option Two payment of a mere $10, after which I’ll just send you the presentation.

Remember, if you use PayPal and select bill me later, there will be a long delay while PayPal sets up one of your accounts to which it can bill you later (unless you already have done that).  So, it’s best to “pay now.”

Bug on Yellow FlowerA notice that you have paid should come immediately to my email Inbox, and I’ll send the slides or we can book the webinar as soon as possible thereafter. Bookings, of course, require that we coordinate schedules.  You are welcome to have guests at the webinar without paying on a per-person basis.  You can make it a garden party!

Pay Below Now Or Read on To Learn About Excel Spreadsheet for Tracking Plant Issues

Never Lose…Plant PowerPoint

Please contact me at MyPersuasivePresentations or leave a message at 540-636-4311, if you have ordered the presentation, but did not get a response from me within 5 business days.   Thank you!


Gardening –  an Excel Spreadsheet to Track Returns and Costs – Customer Plant Care Issues and Training

Plant Care & Cost Tracking

Plant Care & Cost Tracking

I also have developed an Excel spreadsheet, which allows a company to track plant returns and losses, sorted by customer care issues and other issues.  

The purpose of this is not only to track how much a company loses for the reason that customers do not know how to take care of plants, but it also enables the company to identify where it needs to train or advise customers to prevent such losses.  

The customers are happier, and the companies are happier!  

Praying Mantis on LeafThe Excel spreadsheet is designed to accommodate stores with up to 3  point-of-sale locations. So, stay tuned.  I’ll let you know when they are ready for your viewing and purchasing pleasure! The price is dependent on whether you need customization or want to purchase it “as is – off the shelf.” 🙂


If there is any particular Gardening topic that you would like for me to address, just let me know.

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