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Dateline: 5-18-20: Until now, we have focused on infographics for live, in-person gatherings. Click Here for details. As we approach Summer, 2020, this project will concentrate on how Zoom users and other online presenters can incorporate our JPEG, PowerPoint, or video images into their lengthy presentations and events to announce various segments of their programs, as follows.

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This Project Is Under Construction

Nancy’s Novelty Infographics Collections include Single Images and Collections


Coffee Breaks | Lunch/Dinner Breaks | Free Time | Ice-Breakers | Breakout Exercises | Meditation & Mindfulness Moments | Housekeeping | Tech Issues and MORE


Off the Shelf or Customized for Your Project


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Nancy’s Novelty Infographics offer something for everyone. That’s true, regardless of whether your event is part of New York’s Fashion Week, a Beer-Belly-Blast conference, a Twelve Step Program marathon, or a Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat. These little single slide or collection gems will give class, humor, and added interest to your presentations, and I do all the work for you!

Now that we’re using Zoom, we can use infographics created for Zoom users.

My Infographics for Zoom Will Include:

Huge Variety of Styles For Your Presentations or Table Top Displays

“Off The Shelf” or Customized In PowerPoint and JPEG Formats

Some are short videos.

All Are Transmitted Electronically To You

As a Zoom Presenter, Event Coordinator,

or Teacher of Classes,

What do You and Your Speakers Need?

As a public speaker, teacher, and trainer, I’m never without ideas for what might be needed. However, I’d love to hear from you. Please tell me about what would be useful for the presentations you are conducting online.

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