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Let’s have some fun and write some scripts!

Scripts may be created to…

  • be a guideline for what you say when making a video for YouTube or other purposes.
  • enable employees to learn to say the correct things to customers (on the phone, online, or in person), so that accurate information and an excellent service-oriented attitude is conveyed to your clients.
  • become a class, a seminar, and a training course you or your staff must teach.
  • be performed to educate people on a topic, like those my performing troupe of homeless people did to teach about AIDS, addiction, homelessness and more.  See the link to that page for details and purchases.
  • tell the stories of Wounded Warriors, either as funds or consciousness-raising tools
  • be sales tools
  • be Help Desk tools
  • help your children know how to respond in difficult social situations
  • aid anyone create correctly worded affirmations
  • assist with using the Emotional Freedom (EFT) Technique
  • create a guided meditation.

We Can Write A Book (Or, I Can Ghostwrite Yours)

I can edit, write, co-author, or help you develop your book. Here is one of mine. It’s already a playbook available here but now has been converted to a standard book which will be published in  February 2019.

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Now, let’s do YOURS!

There are so many potential uses for a written script in everyday personal and professional life that they cannot all be mentioned here.  Think of your own needs, and contact me for a FREE initial consultation to see what best would meet your needs!

Also, see the separate pages on this website for existing scripts that you may purchase.

Fees by the Hour or by the Project

My fees vary, depending on whether you choose editing, writing, or reviewing services. Fees also are influenced by the:

  • amount of lead time you provide
  • complexity of the work
  • amount of research involved.
  • travel requirements
  • ability to do the work and transmit it online for the most part.

If you put me on retainer for six months or longer, I’ll give you a reduced rate. You also may qualify in other ways to be one of my VIP Clients. In addition, I occasionally give discounts to specific networking group members (like Girl Boss Networking) and to worthy causes. Contact me for details.

Thank you for your business and…

Do It The Write Way!  Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

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