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2018 Decision-Making Tips & Tools


Using Helpful Decision-Making Tools


Answer honestly. Why are you engaged in decision-making now?  Is it about a problem? Is it about a long-standing wish to be fulfilled? What pressures are you experiencing to make a decision (internal and/or external)?  Is it Big, Little, or In-Between? NOTE:

  1. A Big situation is being a refugee from a war zone, or facing homelessness THIS AFTERNOON, or being in an abusive situation, to include things like sex and slave trafficking, all of which is rampant on earth at this writing.stick figure making decison about which path to follow
  2. A Little situation is not being able to decide which pattern you want for your new, mostly affordable bathroom makeover, or choosing which networking events to attend, or deciding whether to drive or fly to your Mother-in-Law’s house.
  3. An In-Between situation is being given a warning diagnosis and considering health and life-style options related to that. Maybe it’s finding a job when you DO have the required knowledge, skills, and abilities and jobs are available. Perhaps you must choose between work you love, which pays less and work which bores you, but pays more.


  1. Unless you are in a Big Situation, you are safe, have options, and can take a moment to calm yourself before  contemplating your decisions and your decision-making process.
  2. If you are in a Big Situation, it is likely you will need to find or research external resources to help you, so add that to your decision-making steps. Let’s go through some suggestions for making excellent choices now.

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