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figure with smart phone for video editingToo bad for us Writers – many people don’t want to take the time to read anything that has more than three words in a sentence and three sentences en toto.

Although my motto has been, “Do It The Write Way; Let My Fingers Do Your Talking,” it is clear that, given advancing technology and the increasing ease with which people can make videos, many choose to let videos do their talking…on FaceBook, YouTube, LinkedIn, other social media, and e-books.

Even I have made videos. Some are animated PowerPoint presentations converted to video format. Others are videos of me flirting with the computer screen, which somehow reverses the image when the video is played. This inglorious effort is composed against thevideo editing camera person inelegant backdrop of my kitchen. Not wonderful. However, I intend to learn more and do more. So I decided to share a couple of links about video editing with you.

One is a link for Top 15 Best Video Editing Software for 2016. So, enjoy it, but I know you’ll still have questions, so here is a link to a Video Editing Group on LinkedIn. You may be able to link with them and then join the group to get your questions answered.

Nancy Wyatt, writing and editing, video editing

Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt

Hope you enjoy your summer. I’m still available for writing and editing services – some of which involve videos! In fact, I’m working on client projects ranging from topics like nutrition, training for State Department employees, and How To Start A Business. In addition, my Meet Your Self! group will be discussing Mindfulness and the Emotional Freedom Technique. So, stay tuned to see what’s up next!

Thanks For Sharing Life With Me!

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