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Would You Like To Tell Your Life Story?

You Can Tell Your Life Story In So Many Ways!Senior Woman Remembers Her Life Story

  • A memoir for your grandchildren – or in case you get famous.
  • A Facebook or website “About” page
  • An introduction to a speech
  • A part of an article you are writing for publication
  • A part of your self-awareness as you look inward for higher understanding

In other words, there are a thousand formal and informal ways of expressing who you are to a variety of audiences; but, not all everyone loves to write.

I am semi-famous (and won a bunch of awards) for the scripts I have written. They tell uplifting and compelling stories about people who have overcome extreme hardships (some of which involved addiction, AIDS, homelessness, sexual and physical abuse, and severe diseases). What the scripts and the people have in common is the fact that – no matter how they are labeled – they reveal the great courage, depth, and beauty of spirit in each person. We can do that for you, even if your life has not been so melodramatic!

Either I can teach you how to do this in a class, or you can retain my services for a formal project. If you choose the latter, check out the video below to understand the steps involved.

We can suffer through it together, or you can do it on your own after taking one of my classes!

Help! What Should I Say About My Life Story?

Help! What Should I Say About My Life Story?

side view of a senior bussines man with head on his laptop in frustration

Grrr.I don’t know how to tell my Life Story!

Man sitting at the desk and cheering from behind his laptop

YEA! I’ve GOT IT! Ready to tell My Life Story!






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