Benefits of Being a Guest Contributor

What Are Those Benefits?

My purpose for inviting select authors to join me on this website is to create a mutually beneficial arrangement for showcasing excellent writing (poetry and prose). In that process, we writers can support one another in several ways. Initially, the benefits of being a Guest Contributor to the My Persuasive Presentations, LLC website are the following, as outline below. (Note: at the time of this posting in August 2021, I have over 8,000 followers for this website.)

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The authors always retain their own copyrights. My company, My Persuasive Presentations, LLC, and I simply will have recorded permission (via the signed application form) to post the approved entries on the website, as well as on social media platforms, if so designated.

  • People, whom I approve as contributors, will have their work displayed, accompanied by links to their websites (or other social media pages where they post this kind of work) and contact info.
  • We would subscribe to or follow one another’s websites and, potentially, some or all of one another’s social media platforms. Thereby, hopefully, we shall attract more readers and/or clients for one another.

What About Sharing on Other Social Media?

    • There is a very active #writingcommunity and #poetrycommunity crowd on Twitter, so I recommend authors post – or let me post my selections of the work – there with credit to the author. Here’s the link to my account (which is not limited to writing topics). @NancyKnowsLife.
    • Another great link for posting professional work is LinkedIn. People are not supposed to post “salesy” things there, but you can put samples of your writing or comments about writing and publishing there. Here’s my LinkedIn profile as an example.
    • To see all my social media platforms, Click Here.
    • We will converse and come to an agreement on whether and where you want me to share on social media platforms any of your posts that I accept for publication on my website. Of course, you can post any or all of your own on those platforms as you see fit.
  • We would decide – on a case-by-case basis – whether comments from readers of my web pages are allowed, etc.

What Else?

I’ve seen a lot of GREAT work online from writers who are beginners, as well as from seasoned, published pros!

The words "You Blow My Mind" on a colorful abstract backgroundI said “initially,” because this is a brand new project, and we might think of more goodies as it develops! Suggestions are welcome!

How It Works

  1. The author of any and all work submitted to My Persuasive Presentations, LLC retains the copyright for each piece, individually and collectively.
  2. By signing and returning the Memo of Agreement, the author, who submits work to be evaluated for possible inclusion on the website, agrees that approved selections may be posted on in the areas for Guest Contributors. Currently, those pages are for Haiku poetry and for #vss365 #prompt works of poetry and prose, but I expect to expand the options later, as time and inclination allow.
  3. By submitting entries to this competition, one does NOT signify endorsement of anyone else’s products, services, or viewpoints. This is intended to be a showcase of great writers’ work.
  4. The person submitting work must read and agree to the criteria, terms, and conditions.

Note: this opportunity is available to people of all backgrounds, races, religions, and levels of writing experience (<from zero to pro).

To Get the Benefits of Being a Guest Contributor,

Read the Criteria and Application Form

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Click Here to review the criteria and Click Here to get a copy of the submission form for those of you who would like to offer works to share on this website.

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