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Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt ~ The Occasional PoetAugust 1, 2021: It’s all very exciting! Are you also an Occasional Poet? We now will feature separate links for Haiku poetry, for #vss365 #prompt poetry (daily writers’ prompts for Very Short Stories which can be in poetry or prose), and for other specialty writing forms. This project is in its embryonic stage, so new categories may be added, and your suggestions are welcome!

Keep reading to see how we might feature your work as well as mine!


You can skip the definitions of #Haiku and #vss365 if you already know what they are.

What is Haiku Poetry?

Haiku - Japanese symbol

I’m giving you the short version, but there’s much more to the form than this, so here’s a link in which you can Learn More and see examples.

Anyone can do it; not everyone can do it well.

Haiku Poetry Contains A Three-Line-17-Syllable Structure

Haiku, unrhymed poetic form consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. (You do not have to include images of any kind.)

Example of Haiku poetry style

What Is a #vss365 #prompt

  • Use a daily, one word “prompt” to create a poem, short story, or commentary.
  • Go to Twitter and search for #vss365 #prompt, where you can find the day’s word.
  • Using that word, create your own short story or poem and include the hashtags #vss365 #prompt.

Our #vss365 prompts will include those taken from the official Twitter account. We’re not limited to those prompts; but, if you’ve posted yours there, you also may submit it to me for possible inclusion on my website.

Thousands of people from all over the world participate in those word prompt challenges, but I’ll be able to take only a few here.

Here are two simple examples from Twitter’s #vss365 #prompt for July 31, 2021. The prompt word is “comfort.”

Note: you do not have to include pictures of any kind. I just chose to.

What Is a #FromOneLine Word Prompt Challenge?

#FromOneLine is a creative (writing) prompt that Meg Waffling (@megwaf) started in 2019. To participate, you go to Twitter and search for #FromOneLine. There, you will find the current single line that is given as a prompt. All are welcome to join in the fun, regardless of whether they are seasoned or brand new writers and poets. We are amazed at the variety and diversity of writing that comes back from just one line.

Find Poems and Short Stories From One Line

If you’d like to read some of the poems and short stories that these FromOneLine prompts have inspired visit the #FromOneLine search on Twitter. The most recent prompt is pinned to the top of the @FromOneLine Twitter profile. You also can see the list of #FromOneLine prompts on Meg’s website:

What About You?

Applying to Be Featured Here

My writings will have their own pages. After all, this is MY website, right?  BUT, I’m inviting you to submit your work once I get the criteria and the application form published, so I can feature some of you.


You will retain the copyright for your work and should label it as copyrighted, showing the copyright symbol ©, the year, and your name.

On the form that I’ll create for submissions, you’ll simply grant me permission to share your work on my website with the option that I can share it on other social media platforms if you would like additional exposure. More about Copyright.

Who May Apply & How

Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt - The Occasional Poet in sunglassesI’m taking submissions from select authors (including inexperienced writers and seasoned, published writers) to put on pages for Guest Contributors. People from all races, religions, and walks of life are invited. What counts is whether the work meets the criteria and is good. So, let’s quit hiding behind those sunglasses, and help people discover our talent!

Find the Occasional Poet Submenus for Details: Links Provided

Go to the submenus of this webpage to see all the options and the details for each. I’ve listed them at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

sleepy smiley face w coffee sluggish no voice

All of this is in addition to my writing services and classes which include putting poetry into PowerPoints and converting them to videos. So many things to do or try, and so little time! We’ll have fun doing it together.

Magenta icon for Contact Us

If you’re interested in any of these subjects and want to know more, email and put “The Occasional Poet” in the subject line, so yours won’t get lost among the thousands of emails I get.

Putting Poetry onto PowerPoint for Publication

Nancy Ayanna Wyatt, The Occasional Poetry ComposerAs the owner of My Persuasive Presentations, LLC, I author so many kinds of writing! The projects usually are for business, or for classes and speeches, or for more traditional web content. I also provide script products and services. In addition, I am a book author. Thus, I am only an occasional poetry composer.

In this common age, however, many people enjoy watching videos more than reading. That is especially true during pandemic times and in the technology era when eyes become bleary and heads become achy from too much “screen time.” Plus, PowerPoints can be converted easily to videos, so why not take the chance?

Poetry: From PowerPoint to Video

Having thought of converting my poetry in this way, I chose this experiment, despite the head cold congestion which infuses my voice. I hope you enjoy this short video rendition of my poem, “The Tumbleweed ~ From the Rockies to the  Shenandoah.” Your comments are welcome. Cheers!

Where Did the Time Go? The Occasional Poet Site Is STILL Under Construction!

orange cones and computer screen with hard hat on it signifying The Occasional Poet site is under constructionI guess you could say (with accuracy) that all my websites are always under construction, as I continue to revise and to add more content. However, I expected to be MUCH farther along on this page by now. Real Life Happens! – and – “It is what it is.”

So, knowing more content will be added, please see the submenus of this page (below) for articles and poems, while we remain “under construction.” Thank you for your patience!

Poetry Sub-Menus

Note Those Re Being a Guest Contributor in Haiku and #VSS365 #Prompt Categories

Benefits of Being a Guest Contributor

Criteria for Guest Contributor Entries

Memo of Agreement for Guest Contributors  grants me permission to post your work on this website with option to share more widely on social media platforms, if you want me to.

Let’s Share Haiku Poetry | My Persuasive Presentations, LLC  explains everything for you

Haiku Poems by Guest Contributors is where the work of guest Haiku poets will be found

Nancy’s Novelty Haiku & Lunes | My Persuasive Presentations, LLC   includes only Nancy’s Haiku

Unleash Creativity with Haiku Poetry Combined with Chakra Healing – This is a special link about combining Haiku with healing the chakras for enhanced good health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)

#Vss365 Daily Word #Prompts explains everything for you

Nancy’s Novelty #ss365 Bits includes only my word prompt posts

There are Poems, and Then There is Poetry this is a blog post, which includes info about National Poetry Month.

April Is National Poetry Month

Video & PowerPoint Presentations ~ I Create For You

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