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#VSS365 (Very Short Stories 365/days/year) #Prompts for Writers,  Wannabe Writers, and Folks Who Just Want to Have Fun by Stretching Their Minds

#VSS365 #prompt is “a daily word game designed to feed the creative muse inside all of us.” All are welcome! People of all walks of life, countries, religions, and points of view participate. You can, too! I’ll tell you how in a minute. First, see the example.


Here Is Are Two Examples of #vss365 #prompt words from 2021 on Twitter

The model in model stance
The image of the model in model stance
Which is the real art?
#vss365 #prompt #art #DoItTheWriteWay

Vss365 July 30 2021 #prompt #art

Today’s #vss365 writers’ prompt word is #coincidence

Was it mere #coincidence that we met?
The floor dropped out from under me,
and I vanished into a Black Hole of regret
because it would not work.
Yet, it was compulsory.
Reason does not prevail when
The Entanglement originates at Soul Level

Karma is not Coincidental.

Silhouette of a man and woman facing each other against the background of a heart on fire by Gerd Altmann

@NancyKnowsLife Has ’em All

gold icon for social media app TwitterI’ll be posting some more of my quick creations on the #VSS365 #Prompts submenu to this page as I write them. However, you can see all of them on my Twitter page, @NancyKnowsLife, since Twitter is the host for these challenges. Some are poems, some are in Haiku style; and some are prose. However, you should check out ALL the writers’ work – it can be fascinating! Here are the steps, after which you’ll see more examples.

You Can Participate on Twitter, Too. Here’s the Deal.

  • colored pencils #vss365 #promptIt’s great fun for people of all levels of skill (from newbie to pro) to use a daily, one word “prompt” to create a poem, short story, or commentary.
  • You just go to Twitter and search for #vss365 #prompt, and you can find the day’s word, as well as submissions from people all over the world.
  • Using that word, create your own short story or poem.
  • It must be Tweet size, including hashtags.
  • You have the option to add a photo or GIF and additional hashtags.
  • You’re also able to comment on other people’s offerings and to follow them.
  • If you add #writingcommunity to your post, you open the doors to meet writers of all genres who may see your work.

Are You a Potential Guest Contributor?

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Below Are More Samples with #Prompts

#vss365 #prompt #condemn #haiku

My beautiful plants!

Grazing deer #condemn me.

Thus, Silk flowers now rule.

Haiku Poetry by Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt      Image by Barry Nicholson

#vss365 #prompt using #condemn

#VSS365 #Prompt #Gloom

#gloom is for humans
They should think more like I do
I am a feline
In this case, I put it into a PowerPoint and converted it to video. Then, I posted the video to a couple of my social media links where others could see the lovely result >>>  https://www.facebook.com/NancyAyanna/videos/417179329651836 and

#VSS365 #Prompt #Farewell

July 28, 2021

To all those people

Who populated my life
And caused me Grief
     Even the primal scream
     And clawing my pillow kind of grief
No matter how our #farewell ended,
I hope you fare well in the end.

#vss365 #farewell #writingcommunity

See it here on  Twitter with the accompanying GIF of a woman waving farewell. https://twitter.com/i/status/1420353876407029761

#VSS365 #Prompt #Illegal

July 27, 2021

World View

None are #illegal.

The Creator did not draw lines
And call them nations.

Ask any astronaut.

#vxss365 #illegalView of earth from space for #vss365

 #VSS365 #Prompt #Permission

July 26, 2021


#VSS365 #Prompt #Butter

July 24, 2021

No mineral oil?

Then, slather him with butter!

Lights, Cam’ra, Action!

greased torso of a bodybuilder for #vss365 #butter

Ha ha! Did I cheat? I don’t know anyone who pronounces all 3 syllables of camera, so I took a chance. Happy Saturday, All!

@vss365official #vss365 #prompt #Butter #writingcommunity #haiku #poetrycommunity

#VSS365 #Prompt #Technology

July 23-2021

I don’t need #technology to fly.

All I have to do is dream myself afloat over cities.
Hands reach up as if to pull me down
to their level.

But my spirit is free and needs no devices.#vss365 #technology #FreeSpirit

#VSS365 #Prompt #Technology

July 23, 2021

It was #technology that brought us back together. The one with the long hair everyone envied, the class bully, the “square” intellectual. For all the litter on FB, still, it enabled class reunions across the miles after years of absence – some of which was for the better.

#vss365 #technology #writingcommunity

icon of person at computer #vss365

Did I Prompt You to Try #Prompts?

Nancy (Ayanna) plays with #vss365 prompts for fun

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