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Coming soon!  These HypnoMeditations are crafted to address issues, such as sleeplessness, overcoming fears and phobias, correcting limiting beliefs about weight loss, financials, past traumas, and so much more.  The meditations can be used nightly for 28 days, to change habitual thinking and/or Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and/or Neuro-Linguist Programming (NLP) sessions may be booked with the author (ME).

Music notes over CDHypnoMeditations often will be accompanied by the music of world-famous Reiki Master and musician, Llewellyn, but both scripts and voice-only meditations also are offered.

(We learned not to give HypnoMeditations, which have background music,  to musicians; because the musicians pay attention only to the music!  OOPS!)

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This page is under construction, as I have to deal with a flooded basement in time to receive a client who wants to experience Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and be “regressed” back to early childhood memories to better understand a trauma which occurred in her early life. However, I’ll be back soon to tell you more. Stay tuned, and let me know if there is something you would like to have customized just for you.

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