Your Art & Book Covers on Pixels Products

Putting Your Book Covers and/or Your Art Work

on Pixels Products

(aka Fine Arts of America)

Can Benefit You in Several Ways!

  1. Pixels products make Great Gifts to go along with your book or paintings and illustrations.
  2. You can increase your followers – and maybe your customers – dramatically!
  3. It also can help you get organized, as you’ll see below!
  4. You’ll get your own Pixels web page to display your wares! (Happily, Pixels maintains it; you don’t have to!)
  5. Pixels also gives you options for sharing each new item on various social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.
  6. On Pixels, you can join groups, discussions, contests, surveys, and more! In addition, you can find friends and send messages from your Pixels site.
  7. Pixels will provide you with reports about how many people in various locations have viewed your work.

No one pays me to promote Pixels! I’m just trying to help authors and artists increase their followers and business opportunities and to get their projects organized, as you will see below.

And, No,

  • I’m not trying to sell you products; I’m just using mine as examples. You may purchase them or not without objection from me!
  • This is NOT about a multi-level marketing (MLM) plan, and
  • It doesn’t involve your having to give sales pitches –

so don’t get nervous!

The Possibilities for Increasing Your Following are Great Because Pixels Products Are Viewed and Used World-Wide by Artists and General Customers

PX in Pixels products logo

Hundreds of thousands of independent artists and iconic brands… millions of unique products… 16 global production facilities in 5 different countries running 24 hours per day… and the world’s hardest working staff running the show from Santa Monica, California.

Decorate your home and accessorize your life with incredible works of art, and help support living artists all over the world.

We’re about to see examples, using this book cover.

Pixels Products - featuring my book cover, Three Hots and a Cot Image

Available on Amazon. Click on the pic to get to the link.

How It Works

Since I don’t have YOUR book cover, I’m using my book cover to show you a few samplings of the merchandise onto which you could place your own JPEG images. You could put pictures of your book covers, logos, best quotes, paintings, or other illustrations of your work onto all kinds of goodies (listed below) to increase your followers, gain customers, and give as gifts or promotional items. But, how?

The Pixels Products Process

Easy Peasy

smiley face with 3 hearts

You simply create your Pixels account and then supply (upload) your images and provide key words and a description of the picture. Pixels handles everything else (the financial transactions, manufacturing, and shipping.) It’s a great deal!

  • If you click on the pictures below, you will see the associated typical prices.
  • All you do is upload your JPEG (JPG) photo. It must be a photo that you own or for which you have formal permission to use on commercial products. 
  • Since Pixels does all the work, you get small commissions.
    • The commissions are not the point.
    • Gaining worldwide viewers for your work is the point in the hope they’ll buy your books and/or artwork.
  • You choose the markup for each product.
    • Pixels is kind enough to provide the market rate and to suggest a markup range, which, typically is between $1.50 and $5.
    • The products are everything from single greeting cards to yoga mats and shower curtains, so it’s nice to know what the going prices are.
  • At the time of this writing,
    • I believe there still is a free version you can use.
    • On the other hand, if you are like me, you will want to have extra Pixels advantages. I have well over 500 images in over 60 collections, which have attracted almost 139,000 visitors “as we speak.” There will be more by end-of-day. For that privilege, the cost is $30/year.
  • BTW: I forget to ask people to like, comment, and follow me on my many websites! Please follow me there if you visit.

In Honor of My

Once-Homeless Friends,

Very Briefly | About My Book Cover

Pixels products facemask

These are stories of courage, faith, and growth as American citizens overcome extreme hardship from Homelessness, Addiction, and AIDS.

The scripts were compiled for the performing arts as Three Hots and a Cot, which refers to being able to get three hot meals a day and a “bed” on which to sleep.

I authored the biographies of residents in the largest shelter in the United States.

We performed the scripts as monologues for educational, religious, civic, business, and state governmental organizations, as well as before Congress and the National Archives.

This helped raise awareness and funds for organizations serving homeless people and addicts. You can still book me to perform those dramatic readings in a One-Woman-Show, as a public speaker, or as a panelist.

But, Let’s Talk About You

Pixels Products - book cover image on mobile phone

Pixels products book cover on battery charger

Pixels Products – My Special Collections for Writers and Poets

Let me explain.


Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products

logo for Nancy's Novelty Notions on Pixels Products

I am in the midst of adding to the special Collection with images just for writers and poets. Of course, I’d love it if you bought some of my images from that group or from other themes, like flowers, sports, activism, food, fantasy, social media, holidays, etc.

You Can Do It, Too

emoji - celebrating in party hat and blower

Writers Puzzle featuring the mixed media Writers Read by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt and Sofia Livarinen

Writers Read Jigsaw Puzzle

If you don’t have time or the inclination – or, if you just like one of the images in my collections – you can choose from my – or other artists’ – images on Pixels products.

But, if you like the idea, think creatively!

Imagine …


mugs to shower curtains,

notebooks to yoga mats,

phone covers to beach towels,

t-shirts to greeting cards,

posters to puzzles,

you can put them to good use.

Enjoy! Gift Card

Pixels products make great

small to large personal gifts


  • ourselves
  • family
  • friends
  • co-workers
  • “Secret Santas”
  • people in medical or other care facilities, shelters, and prisons

and professional event or book or craft fair gifts

  • meal place settings
  • raffles
  • swag bags
  • thank you notes

For example, you could pair a copy of your book with a coffee mug, spiral notebook, t-shirt or sweatshirt, and a tote bag – all of which have your book cover image – in gifts to loved ones – topped off with a matching greeting card.

If you just want to send your book with a matching greeting card, that also is an option.

Similarly, you could use some combination of items for promotional materials.

Again, I’d love for you to buy some of my offerings – even as a “thank you” for teaching you this. But, it’s not important, so get your coffee and/or your chocolate, and then, keep scrolling – keep learning. I’m about to share the entire list of products onto which you can place your images.

smiley face winking - writing your own references for others

coffee and chocolate greeting card

Click on Pic to Go to Pixels for This Image

If you participate with your own images, think of it as a way in whic

h to attract new customers to your work.

To truly class up your act with a professional theme, you also could combine the images with my Nancy’s Novelty Presentation Infographics for speakers and eventsbut that is an entirely different subject covered FAR below.)

Pixels Guarantees Satisfaction

Pixels sez:

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve shipped over 1 million items worldwide for our 500,000+ artists.   Each purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

For your information, Fine Art America (Pixels) is the largest art site in the world with millions of paintings, photographs, and illustrations for sale from hundreds of thousands of living artists plus iconic brands.

Over 500 Images from Nancy’s Novelty Photos Collections Are Available on the Following Merchandise. Yours Will Be, Also!

Three Hots and a Cot book cover on Pixels products

Click on image to get this image on a square or rectangular throw pillow.

Now, Drum Roll, Please ~ The List of Goodies in the Pixels Products Inventory

When you click on each link, you can see all of my over 500 images in each category on each item of merchandise. These items are the same items your images will go onto when you participate in Fine Arts of America / Pixels.

toy drum for "drumroll, please."

Customers (including you) can change image size and background colors.

Here are examples on a jigsaw puzzle and a tote bag.

3 hots and a cot puzzle

Book Covers on Clothing for Men, Women, and Children, Including Infants

Three Hots and a Cot spiral notebook

Whether for adults, teens, or budding child authors, they make great gifts.

kids t-shirt with stylized African women for #vss365

Kids T-shirt from my stylized African women collection

kids’ t-shirt

baby onesie stylized African women

baby onesie from my stylized African women collection

Baby Onesie – stylized African Women design

Gifts and Promo Items for Your Book

smiley face with $ for eyes and tongue hanging out

You can save money when you buy your own products while potentially increasing sales of all your art, books, and services as people start to follow you. In addition to getting the wholesale price, you might generate a small commission income from the items you feature on Pixels.

How Else Can Your Pixels Products Help You?


GET ORGANIZED!!! (What a Concept!)

For Your Use

They also are useful in helping you get organized – especially if you are the author of multiple works or are engaged in many additional projects.

Pretend you can find everything about each subject in one place (like contained within a weekender tote bag) that you easily can take with you anywhere at any time. Your laptop fits in there, too. What a JOY!

Everything In One Place
Weekender tote bag for male author - image by Mohamed Hassan

Click on image to get male writer weekender tote bag and related products

chakra healing weekender tote bag

Click on image to get Chakra Healing weekender tote bag for holistic healing and meditation topics

I’m Working on Just Too Many Things, But Now I Can Find Them!

On the other hand, imagine that you can find what you want readily from among mixed and scattered items – simply at a glance – based on the image of the book cover (for example) that you see before you.

Writing about Equal Rights Issues?


About spiritual concepts?Gold Ohm image on Black tote bag symbol by Gordon Johnson

About African Heritage?

tote bag featuring stylized-african-women for #vss365Are you creating a cookbook?

“I Choose Healthy Food – Until I Don’t” on Fleece Blanket

An autobiography?

Zip Pouch - colorful swirls and a quote about a life one might have had, but don't.

Click on pic to view or purchase zip carry-all pouch

The quote on that collection is, “There was another life that I might have had, but I am having this one.” ~ Kazuo Ishiguro

You get the idea!

#vss365 Tips

A Side Bar for Using Pixels Products to Help with Time Management

Love Birds Spiral NotebookI have a different-cover notebook (from my Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products collections) for each kind of writing project, so I can find them fast without looking inside to know which topic is in those notes!

The Organizing Principle

This uses the same principle as color-coding file folders and labels to promote efficiency and save time. (You don’t have to use my goodies, of course, but thank you if you do!)

The cover clues me as to what’s in each. For example, “quotes,” or “research snippets about an XYZ subject” or “#vss365 #prompt,” “notes for a winter sports documentary,” “romance novel concepts,” or “WIP#3,” etc.

Benefits of Being a Guest Contributor - start writing in this purple spiral notebook

Using different subject matter notebooks was a tip for aging minds.  smiley face laughing and pointing at the humorous statement.


Missing You Now spiral notebook for #vss365

Missing You Now spiral notebook for #vss365 holiday pieces

Powder Blue Let it Snow spiral notebook for #vss365

Powder Blue Let it Snow spiral notebook for #vss365 poems about winter

Expand Your Mind Spiral Notebook for #vss365

Expand Your Mind Spiral Notebook for #vss365 esoteric or new technology projects

Here is a link where you can find all the (over 500 designs and counting) on spiral notebooks available in my Collections of Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products.

From Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels - a crimson cattleya on a spiral notebook

To help me get into the mood for writing, I often match my notebooks with mugs and tote bags.

Here is a link where you can find all the (over 500 designs and counting) mugs (2 sizes) available in my Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels collections.

I Can “lug all my writing stuff around with ease.”

Then, I put all my writing stuff into a tote bag of the same style, so I can find everything fast and get to work! If I want to include my laptop in the collection of tools, I use a “weekender” tote bag.

Here is a link where you can find all the (over 500 designs and counting) weekender tote bags in Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels.  Smaller tote bags also are available here.

I keep the pens, pencils, sticky notes, page tabs, etc. in one of the zip carry-all pouches. Here is a link where you can find all the (over 500 designs and counting) on zipping carry pouches in Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels. 

Writer Carry-all Pouch featuring the mixed media The Writer's Process by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt and Engin Akyurt

If I want to give items as gifts, I add a matching greeting card. Here is your link for Greeting Cards.

Examples –

Lovebirds for you Romance Novelists


(Again, you can change background colors and image sizes.)

Fine Art America / Pixels Keeps Adding Goodies!

To keep current and creative, Pixels added face masks once the pandemic started, and – later – puzzles – and, recently, holiday ornaments. Love it!

THE POINT of Putting Our Stuff on Pixels Products Is to Broaden Our Thinking, Our Options, and Our Base of Followers

emoji - I Love It

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    • You don’t need to participate in Pixels to do this.
    • There are “off the shelf” collections for breaks, breakout sessions, etc., and you also could hire me to customize collections.

business infographics - Welcome to the Waiting Room

Nancy's Novelty Infographics Sleeping Baby Break Time slide

Nancy’s Novelty Infographics Sleeping Baby Break Time slide

Break to fix tech problems - infographic of computer on fire

Infographics - Sticky Note Coffee Break Get Your Goodies Take Them to Your Breakout Session

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