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Your Processes and Mine

What are the processes for starting and completing your editing or writing project? Let’s go through them “from cradle to grave.”

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Note: I’m offering greatly reduced rates for writing and editing services during the 2020 pandemic. Let’s talk!

picture of Nancy WyattFree Initial Consultation

ZoomWe’ll meet in person or via electronic means for about 30 minutes. At that time, we’ll discuss your needs and expectations. During the consultation, I’ll give you an overview of how I could help you. We’ll learn whether we are compatible in our personalities, ethics, and in approaching the subject to be reviewed, edited, or written. You can ask questions about services and about me.

You will give me the information I need to quote a price. I may ask you to send me a sample of what you have in mind, so I can evaluate how much time and effort is required by actually editing or writing it. I’ll “work my magic” and then give it back to you. You can see what I’ve done and learn how much it will cost to do more. This will help you decide whether I’m the writer/editor you want to choose in terms of talent and cost.

If we mutually agree to work together, we’ll sign a contract for services. A booking fee (part of the total price, as stipulated in the contract) is due upon signing, so that work may begin.


If needed, we’ll have an in-depth interview soon after signing the contract. Especially if it is a long-term project, like a weekly blog, I need to know you and your business well to be able to reflect your style, your goals, your values, and your hopes for the future.

Research Processes

Writing takes much longer than people think. To keep things interesting, to ensure compliance with copyright laws, and to flesh out a simple concept with factual information, good writers must do a lot of research. In addition, I often have paid for the professional photos and images that I incorporate into a client’s content. All of this must be factored into the time and cost of each project.

First Draft

After I have finished editing or writing the first draft, I’ll submit it to you for review to ensure we are “in synch” about the final product.  You will give me feedback and let me know whether changes need to be made.


Hopefully, we have enough lead time for reviewing the project at least a day after most of the work has been done. I want to view the project “with fresh eyes.” This enables me to see errors that may have been missed after I’ve been working on a piece for many uninterrupted hours. Also, new ideas often come to me after I’ve been able to take a break.

Submission to Client

When I think I have a potentially final draft, I’ll send it to you for feedback.  Please review the content at your earliest convenience. Typically, this will be within three business days after you receive the draft. I need your constructive feedback to make changes or to finalize the project.


Once you submit your feedback, I’ll either follow your suggestions or tell you why those changes are not the best approach.


Once again, I’ll proofread the document to see whether any errors previously escaped my attention.

Processes for Re-Submission to Client

I’ll send your final draft (perhaps marked “Master Copy”) to you for final review and approval. If you have requests for further revisions, we shall handle that in accordance with the terms of the contract, which determines whether the costs are covered or additional charges would be required to make more changes.

Use of Materials

Our contract will specify who owns the copyrights and materials and whether they will be provided to you in hard copies or electronically. This is the point at which we comply with those arrangements and complete both the work and the payments in accordance with our contract. Keep reading if you plan to hire me to publish and post content on your website and/or social media outlets.

Website and Social Media Channels

I hope you will approve the Master Copy quickly, so we can publish and share the content. If you have not responded within two business days, it means you approve the submission, and everything is ready to be published and shared – either by you or by me, in accordance with our contract.

Processes for Publishing and Sharing

Finally! After all that, it is time to publish your content. This is something you can do. If you have hired me to do it, I’ll share it on the social media venues you own and to which you have given me access.

Thank you for considering me as your writer, editor, and reviewer. I hope the above is clear and complete, but please feel free to contact me if you have questions. I’ll be happy to answer. I look forward to working with you.

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