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Documentation ~ Do it the Write Way! Let My Fingers Do Your Talking! I can help most when what you need to say in correspondence or other documents is only the “tip of the iceberg” compared with what you want to say. Maybe you need help “fixing things.”

  • You just don’t know how to do it.
  • It’s time to delegate. You know how to write, but you don’t have time to work on it.
  • There are lots of information, examples, and opinions. It must be compiled into one succinct letter, a set of documents, or a series of communications.
  • You’re great at math, construction, singing, or something, but you’re horrible at writing in the English language.
  • You need to write something in a way that is very different from how you normally speak, e.g., either more or less formally, using or not using technical jargon, etc.
  • You need to create documentation of policies and procedures which are going to be audited.
  • Your assignment is to create policy and procedures manuals, but you already have a full-time workload.
  • As an entrepreneur and owner of a new small business, you need to create standard business correspondence, refund policies, and personnel policies.
  • It’s your turn to give an introduction, toast, or farewell speech. You hate giving speeches. Even short ones. You don’t know what to say. You don’t even like the person whom you’re supposed to praise. How do you get around that? You hire me to create a masterpiece!

figure sitting dazed with stars encircling headThis is about solving complex problems when you have to use letters or documents to make your case. I’ll give you examples and tell you how to contact me below.

Types of Correspondence and Documentation Projects

Here are samples of how I have met client requirements for correspondence and documents.

  • helping people, for whom English is a second language
  • challenging credit card charges
  • composing grievances and responses to grievances
  • handling customer complaints
  • creating professional resumes and cover letters (see testimonials)
  • compiling materials to document a case

I LOVE helping people in this way. I offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION so we can decide how to proceed. (Typically, we do the work and transmit it online. We hold meetings via Zoom, and I can set them up for us. All you have to do is click on the link to join me there.)

Zoom conference with host, main speakers, and group to discuss correspondence and documentation


Correspondence for Fixing Things Related to Personal Situations

Fighting for Disability and Pension Payments

person shaking hands with a figure in wheelchair. Correspondence won the case!

Glad I Could Help!

This is just one example of handling a tough, personal situation through correspondence. One of my greatest joys was in helping a person overcome some of the obstacles she faces while suffering from a debilitating immune system disease, which – basically – causes her body to attack itself.

Despite many letters from her doctors and lawyers agreeing that she (over)qualifies for both Social Security Disability and Disability from her state government employer, both agencies repeatedly denied her applications – for two years!

pink coffee cup plus laptop and writing utensils on a pale blue writing surface to create works for Write by the RailsA Judge finally heard the case and overturned all the negative decisions. He had read my letter of support and said he based his decision on that document. He said it was clearly written – without any bias or self-serving agenda – and stated the facts which supported her case.

red balloons floating upward out of a red boxThat Judge awarded her the Disability status to which she was entitled. She also got the “back payments” that should have been given to her upon her first application two years before. Now, she could retire with a disability pension.

In addition, because of her pension, her husband was able to quit working full-time in body-damaging manual labor.  That was wonderful because that painful work was beginning to catch up with him since he no longer was a “Spring chicken.”

I did that project before I went into business as a writer, so she made a beautiful purple (my favorite color) afghan for me, as a thank you. It is the kind of treasure people pass down from generation to generation.

Wanna Bet?

Selection of colorful chocolate candy in heart shape.

I have written correspondence for fixing things in many circumstances. The following are just a few examples, out of hundreds. I’ll bet a box of chocolates that I can help you, too!

Correspondence and Documents For Fixing Things Related To Business

Cornell University

Below are some short examples from the myriad times I have answered letters of complaints from customers.  (Keep reading or scroll down for examples of higher magnitude in importance.)

business woman punching computer screenAt Cornell University, I was a new employee – still trying to remember where the cafeteria is – when my supervisor handed me a stack of letters to answer. Most of them were from parents with questions.

One of them was a complaint, involving policies and procedures of which I had zero knowledge. I asked myself, “Why in the world would they give me this to answer? How could I possibly know what to say?” However, I spent some time and twisted brain-power on it, and delivered the stack of letters and my responses the next morning.

2 figures shaking hands having climbed up some tall obstaclesA while later, my supervisors came to my workstation and thanked me profusely for answering that letter. They had planned to hold “a summit meeting” to try to figure out how to deal with it, and the letter had been given to me accidentally. They were so relieved and happy that the problem had been solved, and I was off to a great start in this new job.

Correspondence ~ Bloomingdale’s

"smelling Like A Rose" happy faceDuring my brief stint at a famous, high-end, fashion-oriented store in New York City, I had to respond to many complaints, from the public. I answered them on behalf of my supervisor, who was a Vice President. In this case, she showed my responses to the company President who complimented me on my “genius.”

The fad, at that time, was “GIB” stick pins. These were silver lapel pins. The GIB initials, which stood for “Good In Bed.” The response letter I wrote, explained the store’s need to respond to customer demand while acknowledging the complainant’s value system and sensitivity.

Correspondence and  Documents For Fixing Business Issues on a Major Scale


Northern Virginia Community College

police captured thiefThis project was about police and emergency operations at a campus of the second-largest community college in the United States.

We had issues with malfunctioning emergency phones, panic buttons, and insufficient surveillance cameras to cover over 100 acres of campus.

Through formal correspondence, I explained physical dangers, public relations considerations, and costs to a Vice President in charge of all the financial and college campus operations. I provided supportive documents.

keyboard, pencils, hand writing notes in a bookAs a result, the college purchased millions of dollars in camera surveillance systems and panic buttons for parking lots, dark walkways, and other areas of vulnerability for all the campuses, not just mine.

The systems are designed to help the campus police provide safety to the students and employees, as we faced:

  • increasing threats from the Washington, D.C. Metro Area snipers
  • potential acts of terrorism
  • the typical bomb threats and bookstore theft rings that occur regularly on college campuses
  • potentially catastrophic weather events.

More Writing and Documentation Services

My Persuasive Presentations, LLC

Nancy WyattI could offer many more examples of how I’ve used correspondence and documents for fixing things, but I don’t want to wear out your eyes! Click Here to see more projects, some of which involve technical writing.

Feel free to contact me for your FREE initial consultation to see how I can meet your needs. I also write:

policy and procedures manuals

performance art scripts

speeches and PowerPoint presentations


Intros, Toasts, and Farewells

Professional Resume Packages

Developing Training Programs or Classes

and so much more!

Relevant (and Irrelevant) Classes That I Teach

I also teach classes, like Stuck? Want to Express Yourself? and about using Journaling or Writing to heal from grief.

Note: I teach a lot of other classes, too. The subjects are wide-ranging, like:

  • Whether to and How to Start a Business
  • Job Hunting in the Age of Technology
  • Entry-level classes on using some social media platforms
  • Entry-level classes on using Word for Windows and PowerPoint for people who are not used to using computers. (I don’t think you’re stupid. I know you were not raised in the age of technology.) 🙂
  • and a bunch of Holistic Healing and Meditation classes.

Fees – Hourly or By Project

Fees by the Hour or by the Project

My fees vary, depending on whether you choose editing, writing, or reviewing services. Fees also are influenced by the:

  • amount of lead time you provide
  • complexity of the work
  • amount of research involved.
  • travel requirements
  • ability to do the work and transmit it online for the most part.

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