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Nancy’s Novelty Photographs in Pixels Products Are Now AvailableThe words "You Blow My Mind" on a colorful abstract background

Nancy (Ayanna) WyattAs an occasional photographer and graphic artist, I was thrilled to announce the printing of some of my favorite photographs on a wide variety of Pixels Products for purchase on Pixels acquired Fine Art America, so you might see either name associated with these wonderful products.

Fine Art America (Pixels) is the largest art site in the world with millions of paintings, photographs, and illustrations for sale from hundreds of thousands of living artists and iconic brands.

You can shop for wall art by room, theme, medium, product type, and color, as you will see below.

(I’m calling the images “Nancy’s Novelty Photos … (followed by the image or collection name.”) You can click on “Click Here to Purchase” right below the scrolling pictures, to look over the entire collections and make purchases there.

Huge Variety In Nancy’s Novelty Photos On Pixels Products!

I have over 500 images in 63 collections and have had almost 300,000 visitors to my Pixels site as of 9-21-2022. More images are being added, “as we speak.” There, you will find all kinds of themes (seasons, sports, flowers, holidays, kids, landscapes, theatre, food, advocacy, cultures, and more).

To see all the collections of images on one kind of product (like on a coffee mug, yoga mat, spiral notebook, or bath towel), click on the blue highlighted links in the list below.

Nancy’s Novelty Photos Are Now Available On

Change the Image Size and Background Colors

Missing You Now Christmas Mug

On most of those products, you can change the photograph or art image size and the color of the background when you order.  In the example of the throw pillow right below, I could have made the picture smaller. Then, I could have made the background dark green, black, or white – but also hot pink, yellow, etc.

  1. I continue to add more themes and more images to the collections. To see the current images and themes on an updated basis, you can go directly to
  2. To see HOT OFFERS, scroll down a bit further where I am offering freebies (services) to those who purchase my Pixels products.
  3. You can learn more about both my offerings and what you could do with your own photos. Just keep on scrolling ’til you get there.  smiley face winking

Buy One or More of My Pixels Products and Get Your Choice of One – Out of Three – Special FREE Services!

golden shiny vintage hot offers 3D vector icon seal sign button shield star, saying "Hot Offers," with checkmark

See this video for details about each of the choices and how you can get a freebie after buying one or more of Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels products.

Nancy’s Pixels Shopping Cart

This page is always under construction, but the link to the Pixels shopping cart works. It is on the upper right corner of the insert below – right across from the words, “VIEW ALL IMAGES.” That cart will take you off this website and onto my personal webpage. There you can see all of the current collections of various photos on various products. I’m adding more each week.

Use the gray bar on the right to scroll down to see more. Below that, is the information that I originally put here in October, using only one picture – of the  Cattleya orchid.

Why Put Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products?

Because Pixels does all the work of printing and distributing the products, my commission is very small. However, I’ll take all the help I can get, and I love being able to get some of these photographs out where they can be seen by people (including me), as opposed to remaining hidden in a computer file folder!

Of course, this page is always “under construction” because I keep adding more to the collections. I’ll try to share everything on my Pinterest page, and, eventually, on my Instagram page. However, it’s time-consuming, so you can go directly to my Pixels website for the most current offerings.

I am in the process of adding several more photos to the collections, so please come back and visit me here or on Pixels. If you haven’t already gone to my Pixels page, let’s look at samples of products using the Best Cattleya Orchid and a few other designs.

No, These Are  NOT the Same as Nancy’s Novelty Infographics!

Nancy's Novelty Infographics - Break Time(Note: these photos are different from most of those used in Nancy’s Novelty Infographics.

Those images are single slides and collections of slides for presenters and event coordinators to use to announce various kinds of breaks and exercises at training sessions, retreats, and conferences.

In the Infographics, I use my own photos, or have purchased licenses to use other people’s photos, or have found some that are free for commercial use. In Pixels, the photos must be the photographers’ own work or you must have written permission to use other people’s work for this commercial purpose.

Do You Want To Do This, Too?

How Does It Work on

Good question! You can create an account there. Then, you upload photographs WHICH YOU TOOK AND/OR OWN THE RIGHTS TO USE. One of my favorite resources for photos that, for the most part, may be used freely for commercial purposes is Pixabay.

Pixabay ~ Favorite Photographers & Illustrators

Using Pictures of People

If you are going to post pictures of people, you must have a legal release form whereby the person(s) in the picture grants you the right to use their image(s). also accepts artwork in several media other than photography.


It holds contests and has a variety of features that I have not yet explored, but here is what I do know.

Setting Prices for the Products

If you want to have your photos put onto products, you will fill out the markup you want on each item and select the view you want to display in terms of image size and background colors that the viewer will see. You can click on each item and change that view yourself. sets the base price, and you choose how much to add as markup. One feature I loved is that Pixels gives you a recommended markup or range of markup prices for each item, based on what the market suggests.

Another feature I love is this:  once you have set the markup for all items on a “template,” Pixels remembers your markup choices for each item. It then fills out those prices for the next set of products onto which you want to place a new image. You can easily click on those markups to stay consistent, or you can change the amount if you prefer.

Why Might YOU Do This For Very Little Money?

drawing of a shopping cart full of money

Reminder: because Pixels does all the work of printing and distributing the products, commissions are very small. There are millions of Pixels users and contributors, which gives you a great potential customer base. That also means it’s very difficult to stand out and be found by potential buyers. Thus, part of the point of doing this would be to get your name and talents better known in worldwide communities of people interested in art and photography.

Nancy Wyatt ~ Nancy's Novelty Photos in Pixels Products - cattleya orchidPixels Products for You and For Me

At some point, I may be able to make the products available directly from my own website. I’ll do some research on this and let you know, because you can do this, too, using your own favorite photos! Just check out to learn more. In the meantime, here’s the link again to help you keep up with my new offerings – hot off the press!

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