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Some of My Favorite Illustrators and Photographers Are On Pixabay

Below, you will find links to the websites of a selection of Pixabay Photographers, whose work I have used, free of charge. These super generous illustrators, artists, and photographers even let people use their work for commercial purposes, such as my Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products for You, which now include designs in face masks, as well as on matching clothing for men and women, home decor items, mugs, spiral notebooks, yoga mats, tote bags, and more. After a quick peek at sample facemasks, let’s learn about how to use the images and about some of the artists below.

Facemasks from Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels Products





dolphin face mask from Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels Products





How To Use Their Images and Comply With Copyright Laws

All I had to do was to change the photographer’s or artist’s image in some aspect, so as not to claim credit for their work. To do that, I may have created a collage, added text, or revised the background without destroying the original work. I try to credit the photographers, although that is not required. Because some media do not make provisions for crediting, I want to showcase some of the artists here today.

Illustrator ~ Annalise Batista – Annalise Art

Sometimes, you need illustrations or other kinds of artwork, rather than photographs. You also may need PNG images, rather than JPEGs. That is especially useful when you are adding text or multiple images in a collage. I have enjoyed using several of the designs created by Albuquerque, New Mexico resident Annalise Batista.

Illustrator Annalise Batista woman bearing twins sitting in yoga posture Illustrator Annalise Batista shows ice skater in silhouette pose

https://pixabay.com/users/annaliseart-7089643/ or


Portrait Photographer Jill Wellington from Pixabay

At other times, you will want photographs to express your concept. Michigan resident, Jill Wellington has uplifting, often feminine images, including fantastic food shots. As with most of my other favorites, she has thousands of pictures on Pixabay.

Spring Bird by Photographer Jill Wellington

Photographer Jill Wellington Christmas Scene

Photographer Jill Wellington



Photographer and Artist, Mohamed Hassan on Pixabay

Other photographers and artists like to tell a story with their images. One of my favorites is from Giza/Egypt’s Mohammed Hassan. Since I am a writer, I especially loved this first one. We writers often have to “burn the midnight oil” to get our quiet time and mood for intensive writing sessions. Many of his pictures are PNG images.

Photographer Mohammed Hassan Photographer Mohamed Hassans illustration of lion on mountaintop against flaming orange sky. Photographer Mohamed Hassan's illustration of yoga poses in silhouette against the sky


To request a custom graphic design for 25$ only, inbox Mohammed.

Photographer Gerd Altmann

From Freiburg/Deutschland, Gerd Altmann (Geralt) never ceases to amaze me with her varied images. (Compare this version of the Last Supper with the one below from my other favorite, Gordon Johnson.)

Photographer GerdAltmann acrobatics in water

Photographer GerdAltmann Last Supper Photographer GerdAltmann - BFFs Photographer Artist Gerd Altmann abstract


Photographer and Illustrator, Gordon Johnson

United States artist, Gordon Johnson does a wide variety of images, ranging from pixelated images to photos of famous Presidents, and beautiful gold symbolic art. They, too, are often in PNG format.

Gordon Johnson Illustrator Fancy Elephant

Photographer, Gordon Johnson, the Last Supper

Gold Sugar Skull art by Gordon Johnson


(I created a My Persuasive Presentations page about this in late 2019, in case you’re interested, but I’ve done mucho mas (much more) work since then and, as of April 30, 2020, I have 24,877 visitors to my Pixels site where people have viewed my 29 Collections and 288 images. There would be more by now, but a huge tree crashed onto my house and deck, so I’ve been very busy with clean up and insurance issues … during the pandemic, of course. Sob!)

These are not my only favorite artists, illustrators, and photographers whose work can be found on Pixabay and used for your own social media or product projects. I hope you will check them out and explore others. Pixabay is a GREAT RESOURCE!

face masks from Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels Products for You

I also hope you’ll check out what I’ve done in creating almost 300 images for you on Pixels. The images are available on artwork, clothing, fashion accessories, home decor, and more – INCLUDING FACE MASKS, now that we’re in pandemic season. Here’s the link for the facemasks, which I like to match with mugs, spiral notebooks, tote bags, and more.  https://pixels.com/profiles/nancyayanna-wyatt/shop/face+masks

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