There are Poems, and Then There Is Poetry

The following are unrelated poems, attempts at poetry, or Not-Poems. They are snippets from collections of poetry and other short writings that I’m going to create or share, for the first time, throughout the Pandemic Winter of 2020. Wanna play, too? We could have fun!

If you want to join in, we can create some fun stuff and compose either serious poetry or teeny tales together via Zoom classes. Whatcha’ think? Novices are welcome, because I’m no expert at this kind of writing. I’m simply exploring my untapped creativity! If you’re interested, see the link below after you sample my poems.

flowers and a notebook for writing poems photo by Gabriele ReinhardtDo you have a favorite notebook or journal in which to write your thoughts, your poems, or your diary?

I use a computer ‘cuz I’m far too lazy to write by hand when I can type so fast, and my handwriting “ain’t what it used ta be!”

Whatever works for you, that’s what we want to do when writing poetry.

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Poetry for Lost Loved Ones

Bill (Dearly Departed)Bill - in a poem

Here You Are Again.

Such a familiar sensation.

In the dream,

I am explaining

To the Old Folk,

In all their shades of Black,

Just who I am to you.

Many already know.

The others now remember.

They lovingly tell me my hair looks awful.

Do you come into my room at night

And watch me sleeping?

Would I recognize your form?

Or are you like a floating, silvery cloud of fog

That hovers over me and then settles

Into my physicality, so that I once again

Experience the exact energy of how things were

When we were together on earth?

The beauty

The tension

The toxins

The questions

The love.

It has been 21 years.

Don’t you think it’s time to go?

My friend saw you beckoning to me to join you.

I think you will be with me without end.

It’s going to get very crowded when I pass

Because no-one else has left either.

Pandemic Poetry

Halloween 2020

Halloween pumpkin in fog w scary text

Pandemic Poetry

Fall trees: bare or yellow-green and red leaves as mentioned in the poetry

Fall in the Time of COVID-19
© Oct. 2020 Nancy Wyatt All Rights Reserved
Against a canvas of gray sky,
Yellow leaves are speckled with the brown splotches
That are predictive of imminent demise.
Rust-colored clusters draw the eye toward
Mahogany brown spikes stabbing upward
In reminiscence of a Bob Ross painting.
Yet the green predominates still – for the moment.
It feels like a metaphor for current events.
The background is a solid hum of bleakness.
Any variation just reveals even darker spots.
The leaves are like colorful swirls of turmoil
Composed of a million different pieces…
Far too many for the eye and mind to comprehend.
It’s like when an artist just pokes the canvas
With a thousand different jabs of paint,
(s)he leaves the viewer devoid of serenity.
Everything is too busy,
Too on the verge of death,
Too expectant of the
Being stripped bare that is to come.
Unless you are lucky enough
To be an Evergreen.
And, the green does persist … for now …
Among the deciduous.
A life force, clinging to its base
Seeking the sun, breathing the air,
And holding on – even as it ages.
Will even the Evergreens succumb
As the infected fall carelessly on them
And all around them
Bearing air-born disease throughout
The crowded forest of humanity?
Is this the Earth cleansing Itself
Through the Forces of Nature
Like a forest fire,
Ridding itself of the old
In order to renew?
Will the survivors remain dormant during Winter
And Spring forth with new life
As an evolutionary force?
That is the Question.
Will it be Evolutionary
Or Devolutionary?

A Simple Poem

A Soft Rain

A Soft Rain poetry with tea

Poetry – Odes to Better People

Dr. C. DeLores Tucker for whom this poem was written

Dr. C. DeLores Tucker

Unfinished Works of Art

I’m referring you to another of my blogs for this poem, because there is more to this story than the poem tells, and the poem really refers to all African-American women from the time of slavery to the present. I hope you’ll take a moment to click on that link, read the tribute, and then come back here…especially if you want to join me by clicking on the link below a bit later.

Faux Fur

Faux Fur with a poem written over it


Scroll down now to get the link to join me if you want to play around with poetry and other short writings during the Pandemic Winter of 2020.

Pandemic Poetry or Short Writing Project Classes on Zoom … Anyone?

cell phone with word "Zoom"

Let’s Try Poetry Classes on Zoom

Hey! Do any of you want to participate in a Zoom class on writing for beginners?

We can talk about a few tips, including how to get and use free photos to enhance your work without violating copyright laws.  Then, we’ll practice in a safe, who-cares-how-good-it-is environment using some writers’ prompts. I  teach a bunch of classes, but this would be a first-time event. The only rule is to keep it clean – no porn, no trashing other people, etc. Common sense applies.

What Is The Cost?

Who wants to experiment with me? The price is dependent on the number of people in each session, but the rate is likely to be about $10/hour and the class would be a minimum of 2 hours – longer if we want to experiment more, as in a 4-hour workshop. I can do these classes for groups or for individuals, just like I do for other classes and for business/personal/and spiritual counseling or coaching. The fees are payable via PayPal or Zelle in advance.

Contact Me for Poetry Writing Classes on Zoom

Email me at with the subject line Play With Poetry 2020 if you want to join me. Please include days/evenings and time slots when you are most available. I’m on the East Coast of the USA, so I’m in the same Time Zone as New York.

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