Classes – Summary of Topics

  CLASSES – Summary of Topics

woman conducting classesCurrent topics are listed below, followed by brief descriptions further down. New classes are forthcoming, and you also can choose customized classes or training for your own needs, by contacting me. Use the contact form provided on this website or call me. The short list of business, skills, metaphysics, and meditation classes follows.

Aging Beats the Alternative!

This is a series of sessions about the transitions people make as their bodies, lives, needs, and attitudes change over time. Closely related is a workshop for women on “Putting Yourself First For A Change.” As with all my classes, the seminars and workshops are available to groups and to individuals who want personal instruction. Individual sessions are done through my Change Your Life life coaching business. Some of the customized meditations are available for purchase under HypnoMeditations.

The “All You Need To Know About….”

~ Business and Skills Series ~

  • Competing for Jobs In The Technology Age
  • Creating Basic Word Processing – Put Your Words Into Word (for business, personal, poetry, or maybe you just want to leave your life story to your grandchildren)
  • Creating PowerPoint/Videos (for business or personal uses) (It could be for anything from a business plan to a fancy invitation to an event. Use your imagination!)
  • Creating Basic Facebook Pages (for business, personal use, events, invitations, sales, etc.)
  • Creating Basic LinkedIn Pages (for professional use only, as a job seeker or business person)
  • Creating Effective Elevator Speeches for Multiple Occasions (short, medium, and longer)
  • Making Friends with Meetup (for those who want to meet new friend with common interests, but are not looking for dating sites)
  • Tutoring in copy writing, such as for Word Press pages and posts.

I Also Teach About or Conduct Sessions in Metaphysics and Meditation.

Examples include Meditation, Metaphysics, Holistic Healing, Correcting Eyesight, Exploring the Akashic Records, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Affirmations, etc.

Scroll down for details about the classes and to pay for those you select.

Entrepreneurship 101

Picture of a book holding hands with a stick figure

Customize Your Class

Especially for job seekers, who have not yet found success, I provide an overview of some of the many things a person must consider first and then do if starting a business – even if it is a one person consultancy.

I designed this class for a beginning entrepreneur who does not know what is involved, but wants to consider options and/or is just starting and wants to ensure “all bases are covered.”

These classes can be for large or small audiences and even for individuals. I offer a one-hour mini overview class; but I teach most of the classes as 6-hour workshops. Contact me for a FREE initial consultation as to content and price.

“All You Need to Know About….”

Basic Computer, Social Media, and Business Skills for Beginners

Take the Series or Individual Classes

Put Your Words Into Word

Word Processing ~ Learn how to create a document from a blank page or a template (with pre-designed formatting) to use in such projects as: blogging, letters (personal or business), your life story (a legacy for your grandchildren or a real book), poetry, proposals, business plans, invitations, ads, or scripts, Your Word document also can become content for your web page.

Get Creative with Power Point Slides

Learn how to put words and images into slide format (with or without narration or music). The slides can be converted to videos. They can be used for personal or business purposes, to depict volunteer activities, and to educate people. It tells your story visually for an audience that needs to see, not just hear what you have to say.

Create a Basic Facebook Page

Facebook allows you to create personal pages for communicating with your friends (and acquiring new ones you’ve never met). It also allows you to create business pages or groups for your business and to promote events, as well as to sell on-line.

Create a Basic LinkedIn Page To Find Employment or Customers

LinkedIn is designed for professionals to use for professional purposes only, and it is A MUST for job seekers, because roughly 90% of Human Resources or Hiring Authorities are looking at an applicant’s LinkedIn page in deciding whether an interview will be granted. You NEED to have a well-developed LinkedIn page to be taken seriously. I’ll teach you about key things to do and to avoid in order to be successful at presenting yourself on LinkedIn. Let me teach you. I shall use my page to show you examples of things I did correctly and mistakes I made.

Make Friends with is a great resource for people who do not want to use dating sites, but who want to find new friends with shared interests. You can choose any subject you like. Examples range   from photography or hiking to raising pigs or just going out to dinner or a movie. It’s easy and convenient. When you join Meetup, you always know of some options for getting out of your routine (or your house) to find and for making new friends.

Create Elevator Speeches for Multiple Occasions

An “elevator speech” or “elevator pitch” is comprised of what you might say to people in an elevator who ask, “What do you do?”  Your goal is to state – quickly and clearly – the key points about your business or project in a way that makes them want to know more. The concept is that you only have the amount of time it takes for them to get to the floor on which they will leave the elevator.

That is the short version. However, I also teach how to use the same material in an expanded form for occasions, such as when you are partnered with a stranger at a dinner, for example. There are “Do’s” and “Don’t Do’s,” which I’ll be happy to share with you. For speeches and longer presentations, ask about my class on How To Give Persuasive Presentations.

Basic Business Correspondence for Individuals


These classes can be for large or small audiences and even for individuals.

They will be customized to meet your needs.

Contact me for a FREE initial consultation as to content and price.

Metaphysics and Meditation

My Get Well Guru

I teach classes on a variety of subjects, but am best known for teaching an Overview of Complementary and Alternative Medicine modalities, Meditation, Affirmations, and Visualization (compare and contrast), and various metaphysics topics, including ways in which to enhance your vision or to obtain information from the Akashic Records. I have a new class on how to know whether the guidance you are getting is from a legitimate source or involves invalid input.

These classes are described in my holistic health website: I update them, as new classes are developed. They often are available both as webinars and in person.  In some cases, you can get just the Power Point, video, or hard copies less expensively.  Please check me out.

Elementary Garden Design Ideas, Tracking Losses and Plant Care

Garden Angel

These are Power Point presentations about elementary garden design concepts, tips, and tricks.  I also can customize a PowerPoint (or convert it to video) for you to purchase, if you so desire.  

In addition, I created an Excel spreadsheet to sell to small businesses that are tracking plant returns and the reasons for those returns. The value is in knowing the actual patterns of customer errors and how much that costs you. The added value is that it helps you learn how to better educate your customers in plant care when you know what kinds of mistakes they are making.

In addition, I have a Power Point presentation and video about plant care. It is called, “Never Lose Another Plant!”  Both that Power Point and the Excel spreadsheet also can be utilized for personal benefit of understanding your own plant inventory, how you cared for each and with what result at what cost.  Click Here    for a preview.

 You and I also can collaborate to create new classes which meet your individual needs.

  • You give me the topic and the raw materials.
  • I flesh it out and jazz it up into a class presentations.
  • You teach or, or I teach it.
  • I do additional research, find graphics, etc., if you wish.


Contact me for a FREE initial consultation. 540-646-4311 or use the form below. 🙂

Do It The Write Way!  Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

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