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Speaking of Guest Contributors, I’m just getting started today (July 29, 2021); but, I’ve already got a contribution of her copyrighted Haiku poetry from a wonderful author, Katherine Gotthardt, who has published several books and is a prolific writer/poet. (see below)! Soon, I’ll be inviting a select few additional contributors, who meet certain criteria, to share their Haiku poetry with us, along with their websites and/or contact information for those poets. Stay tuned!

If you would like to submit entries to be a Guest Contributor on the group Guest Contributor page, Click Here to review the criteria and Click Here to see a copy of the submission form. You’ll need to email me at MyPersuasivePresentations@gmail.com and put “Guest Contributor Inquiry” in the subject line to ask questions or to get a copy of the submission form, as it must be signed.

In case you don’t already know how to create Haiku-style poetry, Click Here, and I’ll tell/show you. It’s easy. Fun. Does not have to rhyme. You don’t have to be an expert to do it. For more formal info and some history, Click Here.

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Guest Contributor – Katherine Gotthardt


Award-winning writer and author Katherine Gotthardt hails from Northern Virginia where she pens poetry and creative prose. With nine books to her name – one a Silver Award winner from the Nonfiction Authors Association, another a #1 Amazon New Release – she uses proceeds to support non-profits and community initiatives serving the disadvantaged. She is a founding member and current president of Write by the Rails, the Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club, a member of the Poetry Society of Virginia and a member of the Prince William County Arts Council. For more information, visit www.KatherineGotthardt.com.

Katherine Gotthardt - Author

Theme: Tea

I’m counting my years

in ounces. How fast teacups

pile up, drained and stained.



I’m in hot water

again, pouring tea into

your forbidden cup.


You drink from a jar,

tea leaves drowned at the bottom.

You’ll leave them there, too.


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