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My soothing,  meditation helps you QUIT WORRYING,Quit Worrying about your health, finances, safety, etc, and gain a sense of gratitude and contentment, so you can fall asleep and stay asleep, knowing everything will work out for the best in the long run!  It also contains messages to help you take better care of yourself in terms of healthful eating and exercise habits and in appreciating yourself as you fulfill your life’s purpose. 

cd_music_symbol_400_clr_3857 ©Sleep Like A Baby is combined with some of the best relaxation music on the planet, by world-famous Reiki Master, Jamie Llewellyn.  This includes Reiki White Light, Reiki Starlight, and a Tibetan Healing Sounds ( bells and chimes) version, courtesy of copyright permissions from Paradise Music & Media and my sound engineer, who did the mixing and mastering:  Mr. Gokul Chalasani. (See Credits.) On my website only, you also can get a version with no background music.

Samples of Background Music which play with Sleep Like A Baby narration

White Light

Tibetan Healing


©Sleep Like A Baby

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 But, how do I know, for sure, that ‘ ©SLEEP LIKE A BABY’ works? 


How Do I Know For Sure?

I KNOW IT BECAUSE, while we were recording the new edition in 2014,  the sound engineer fell asleep while sitting next to me!   I had to give him coffee!

Smiley Face - Morning CoffeeALSO, when my employees tested the first edition (in 1996), they fell asleep long before the end – even though they were sitting or standing!  I had to give them ESPRESSO!!!

Hurry! Send it to me FAST!Furthermore, people, who lost or wore out their copies, ordered new ones AS A RUSH ORDER – sometimes accompanied by their stories and a plea to send it as fast as possible!

Now, it’s even more valuable with the addition of the music by world-famous musicians!

 How Does ©Sleep Like A Baby Work?

By letting the audio meditation, ©Sleep Like A Baby, “loop” or repeat throughout the night, even when they woke up periodically, people could get back to sleep, feeling reassured about the topics mentioned in the script, like health, finances, and relationship issues.    After continued use, they found they no longer awakened multiple times in the night, and they awoke refreshed and ready for a new day – when it was time to get out of bed.

Does This Guided Meditation Work For Real Babies?

Well, I don’t know. They might like the music, but they are unlikely to be as concerned about health, financial, and other issues covered by the narration than adults are. However, I’ve just discovered SnugBaby, which posted a great article about 5 steps you can take to help babies sleep. It’s called, Help, My Baby Won’t Sleep! Check it out!

Where Can I Buy  ©Sleep Like A Baby, And What Do I Get?

Purchase here (on this website)  for the most value and options.

In the 2 CD set, you will get:   ©Sleep Like A Baby, with two meditation music tracks and the Tibetan Healing Sounds (bells and chimes) plus a bonus track with the narration only.  Only on my website, you can choose MP3 files, wav files, and CDs. Note: wav files have much better sound quality than MP3 files, but they are large, take quite a bit longer to download, and might be too big for some systems to handle.  Wav files were used to create the CDs.  We decided to “go green” for the CD covers, rather than use jewel cases, which break anyway!

I recently added the 1 CD set selection to provide more options for those who want to spend a little less, but still get CDs.  You will get one CD, containing background music of Reiki Starlight and Tibetan Healing Sounds, for a total of one hour play time.

Each meditation is 30 minutes long and repeats once.  Click on these links to hear a sample of the music selections, which are:  1) Llewellyn’s  Reiki Starlight,  2) Llewellyn’s Reiki White Light, or 3) Tibetan Healing Sounds with bells and chimes as background.  An additional version has no music, so you can have silence, or choose your own background sounds, like water, nature sounds, white noise, etc.

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Single set (Reiki Starlight & Tibetan Healing Sounds with Narration) Only $12


Two CD set  Reiki Starlight/Reiki White Light/Tibetan Healing Sounds/and Narration Only $24


How Valuable Is A Good Night’s Sleep EVERY NIGHT?PRICELESS!

Are you ready to  ©Sleep Like A Baby

Yes, you can go to the bottom of this page to see where to purchase the meditations through Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and more.  But, since you’re here, you can just make a selection and pay here!

1,2,3 GO!


Remember:  if you select the “bill me later” payment option with PayPal, it will create delays while PayPal establishes a way in which to bill one of your accounts.  So, ‘pay now,’ if you want the materials quickly!

bullet-1-red-1-hiBuy From Me Directly to get the Album with 3 Music Mix Backgrounds plus 1 Narration-Only in  MP3  or wav downlinks.  You also can order CDs, which make great gifts for yourself or others whom you would like to help.

You will receive links to the  ©SLEEP LIKE A BABY downloads through my website, after your PayPal, cash, or check payment has cleared.

The meditations will come to you in four separate downlinks.  Each downlink version of the meditation repeats once for those of you who have great difficulty in falling asleep.  So, each lasts for one hour, but you can “loop” the album to repeat all night long.  The CD’s contain one rendition of the meditation with each of the different backgrounds, so each of the two CDs will play for one hour.

Here’s Another  Chance To Buy Sleep Like A Baby Now!

MP3  or wav Downloads $10


Single set (Reiki Starlight & Tibetan Healing Sounds with Narration) Only $12


Two CD set  Reiki Starlight/Reiki White Light/Tibetan Healing Sounds/and Narration Only $24

Q – How do I know my credit information is secure?

A – We understand your concern about having your personal information secure. All Payments are processed through PayPal, which has well-secured servers. My Persuasive Presentations, LLC and Nancy Wyatt do not receive or store any credit card information for our customers. My Persuasive Presentations, LLC and Nancy Wyatt will never share, sell, or trade your personal information to third parties unless you have asked us to do so, as in letting you give testimonials about our products and services.

two red buttonPurchasing from Amazon, iTunes, etc.  

Look for the  SLEEP LIKE A BABY  meditation by Nancy Wyatt,’ which is available to you as downlinks upon your payment. It may be offered as a single version or with 3  different tracks of meditation music by Llewellyn (Track One Reiki Starlight) (Track Two Reiki White Light) and (Track Three Tibetan Healing Sounds), with bells and chimes in the background.  Each track repeats the meditation twice for those of you who have a really difficult time getting to sleep.   See links for  Amazon, iTunes, and more.

© SLEEP LIKE A BABY recordings make a great gift for anyone you know who has trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep.  They can change a person’s life for the better!  Let me know if you want to pay for it, but have it sent to a different address from your own.  If you buy on Amazon and some other global sites, you will be offered the same option there.

 ©Sleep Like a Baby: Meditations for Sleep May Be Purchased 

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Sleep Like A Baby Customer Comments:

Comment from one of the original proof-readers: 

Love it, relaxes me immediately and puts me to sleep ~ Carmen

Comment on Google+ from Paradise Music (which supplied the music on my meditation):

      Paradise Music     Apr 30, 2015

Comment from a New Customer, who has had sleep problems for years and just tried this (August, 2016)

“Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you Again! Your cd has put me to sleep at least a half dozen times….If I can solve my sleeping problem permanently I will feel like a new man! Thanks ever so much for contacting me about your great cd!.” He said more, but it’s private. 

Credits For  ©Sleep Like A Baby Production

Music License

Sound copyright permissions were obtained from Paradise Music & Media,  in Florida.  Paradise also is responsible for global distribution through their partners in the U.K.  Paradise was the recipient of Best New Age Album, Best World Album, Best Healing and Innerspace Album and Music of the Year Award over the past two years presented by the Coalition of Visionary Resources, a not-for-profit trade organization dedicated to supporting independent publishers of visionary books and music.

Sound Engineer

My sound engineer was Mr. Gokul Chalasani, who worked at Nova Music Center when this 2nd Edition was recorded.  (In 2012 and 2013, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)  recognized NOVA Music as one of the Top 100 Music Stores in the country!  Good for them!) 

Graphic Designer

Graphic design was provided by Debra Brunner, of Custom Designers, Inc., which won the 2009 Business of the Year given them by Prince William County Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce.  What a delight to work with them!  Great price. Great people. Quick turnaround time.  Professional, beautiful art and design work.  30 years of experience.

CD Production

CD Manufacturing was provided by National Media Services, Inc.  This highly reputable company, recommended by professional musicians, does it all – from design and print jobs to recording in their studio and manufacturing not only CDs but also promotional products.  They are passionate about their work, and they are nice people!

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance was provided by FundUcation and by  ACI Video Pro.  FundUcation is a next-generation platform that connects local businesses with young professionals to engage in short-term work. A portion of earnings is directly contributed towards a worker’s outstanding student loan balance.  ACI Video Pro converted wav files to CD Masters to be used in the manufacturing process.


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