Samples of Writing, Editing, Training, and Presentation Projects

Let’s Samplebusiness etiquette speaker at white board addressing audience on empathy

  1. Writing and Editing of technical training manuals for a sub-contractor to the Department of State.
  2. Web and blog content
  3. Development of classes including PowerPoint, video, and related materials for business and personal growth classes
  4. Newsletters

Listed below are examples of various other technical, business, and more creative projects for which I have had primary responsibility.

podium_with_many_microphones_400_clr_11679 smallerNancy has been booked throughout the Washington, D.C. Metro Area and beyond to give speeches and presentations about:

How To Start A Business and related basic business and computer classes for beginners

Meditation and Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Homelessness, Addiction, Sexual Harassment and more.

Please Click Here for an ever-out-of-date list of seminars and workshops. It probably is incomplete when you read it, as Nancy develops new classes, at client request, frequently.

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Before we go further, if you already know you are interested in a free initial consultation and/or you want more information, feel free to contact us now at or by leaving a message at (540) 636-4311 (Eastern Standard or Daylight Time).  Otherwise, keep reading for more details about Policies & Procedures Manuals, Technical Training Manuals, Video Production, Event Planning, Newsletters, Book Editing, Awards, etc. 

Samples of Auditable Documentation

of Policies and Procedures

Created for the following:

stick_figure_reading_open_folder_300_clr_6727Pacific Tel & Tel Co (Menlo Park, California)

National Urban League Headquarters (New York, New York)

Robert Crandall & Associates, Inc. (New York, New York) (now defunct)

Applied Data Research, Inc. (Paramus, New Jersey) 

Northern Virginia Community College (Manassas, Virginia )

  • Created a manual of office policies and procedures, which needed to be codified – Pacific Tel. & Tel.
  • Codified or created policies and procedures that 105 field operations headquarters must follow to be in accord with national headquarters’ policies and procedures – National Urban League, Inc.
  • Created and implemented a Human Resources department (from scratch) and documented all company policies and procedures for Robert Crandall & Associates, Inc.
  • Codified policies and procedures for the six Regional Administrative Offices (which reported to me) to follow.  My “territory” included 2/3 of the U.S., as well as part of Canada at one point. – Applied Data Research, Inc.
  • Documented detailed financial processes for handling tuition, fees, and other receipts of money.  The policies and procedures, as well as the documentation, itself, have to meet audit standards of internal (state) and external audit agencies, including the Virginia Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission (JLARC)  and the Agency Risk Management and Internal Control Standards (ARMICS) – Northern Virginia Community College
  • Created and constantly updated SOP and emergency management policies and procedures for both the campus police and for the campus at large – Northern Virginia Community College

Sample Interviews and Scripts for 

Videos, a Play, and a Book


  • Prince William County Better Beginnings Coalition (Interviews &Video for Cable Television)
  • Greater Prince William Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition (video project)
  • Domestic Violence Coalition – (Play, entitled, “Break The Chain”)

 Variety Pack (Nancy was Owner/Producer/Writer/Director)

See script summaries for Three Hots and A Cot or see the awards won for this work. Go below to  Scripts for Educational and Performing Arts

poor and coins

  • It Could Happen To You and 3 Hots and a Cot (compilation of scripts performed by homeless people)
  • Breaking the Chain (a play about domestic violence)
  • AIDS, Homelessness, Hunger, Addiction, Abuse
  • Street Hustler/Drug Pusher – A Scary Dude, Who Really is a Teddy Bear
  • A little girl, whose family was made homeless by a fire, and who is being seduced at the shelter by a drug pusher
  • The societal consequences of having large numbers of homeless people
  • The life and joy that can be found, even when one has AIDS
  • Good deeds of homeless people, who give, despite having “nothing.”
  • Introduction to Ph. D. thesis for a client who wrote about the founder of the Howard University School of Nursing

Event Planning


  • Annual Conference for the Commonwealth of Virginia Management Association (brochure, flyers, agendas, etc.)
  • Numerous brochures, flyers, announcements for a variety of events at Northern Virginia Community College
  • All aspects of College For Kids (a summer “camp” for grade schools students) at Northern Virginia Community College

Brochures and Flyers

  • making_copies_pa_300_clr_1890Numerous brochures, flyers, announcements for events at Northern Virginia Community College
  • Brochures for my own Holistic Healing business
  • Brochures and flyers for specific events related to social service activities



stick_figure_computer_feed_800_clr_5362Current author of:

  • Blogs – With Intent To Sell
  • Blogs with Intent To Educate – Wellness Products
  • Short and Informal Blogs; Long and Formal Blogs
  • Research Blog Content and Pictures, As Needed
  • Blogs About the Benefits of Products and Services She Sells

 Book Editing

I edited the book, Black Students. New York: Free Press. 1970. LCCN 79116809, by Harry Edwards, Ph. D. He also wrote The Revolt of the Black Athlete.  Dr. Edwards, according to Wikipedia, now is:  ” Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley.  He has served as a staff consultant to the San Francisco 49ers football team and to the Golden State Warriors basketball team. He has also been involved in recruiting black talent for front-office positions in major league baseball.”  Here is the link for more information from that source. .  Here is the link where you may buy his book, The Revolt of the Black Athlete:

  • Numerous articles, speeches, and book manuscripts for Dr. Gloria I. Joseph, while we were at Cornell University, where she was the Director of the Committee on Special Educational Projects (COSEP) program.  
  • The Book for Math Empowerment, by Sandra Manigault.  Here is the link to The Manigault institute, founded by Sandra and Donald Manigault, an organization for which I also am a private college prep tutor for the critical reading and writing portions of the SAT Exam. 


My Get Well GuruSee newsletters for My Get Well Guru, aka Nancy Wyatt in her metaphysical role.

Nancy’s website for all things metaphysical is  Please Visit!   

Scripts for Educational and Performing Arts

Author: Three Hots and a Cot, Stories of Courage from People Struggling with Homeless, Addiction, and AIDS. Published in 2019 on Amazon. Click Here to view or purchase the paperback.
The playbook is available only on this website. Click Here  (Note: you can see reviews here, also.)

300px-Homeless_woman_in_Washington,_D_C_Nancy was President/Writer/Producer Director of Variety Pack, a non-profit, serving people in  Washington, D.C.   These folks were homeless, drug-addicted, HIV+, sexually abused, and/or suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Nancy scripted their stories.

She and the homeless people, themselves, performed them as monologues to educate people about the reasons for and complexity of their circumstances.

picture of 8 homeless "actors" telling their stories

They performed for educational, religious, civic and governmental organizations, before members of Congress and for the Virginia Governor’s Conference on Housing and Homelessness.   The National Archives taped a performance; a script was entered into the Congressional Record, and her troupe performed on cable television.  These efforts, along with assisting people in finding jobs, going back to school, having enough food, clothing,  medical care, and drug rehabilitation, resulted in several awards.

Sleep Like A Baby,

Guided Meditation with Music by world-famous Reiki Master, Llewellyn.

Sleep Like A Baby Final

Available in MP3 and wave downloads Plus CD’s


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or go to iTunes, Amazon Digital Services, and other worldwide outlets.

Best Cattleya

This very same Nancy is certified in a number of wellness modalities, commonly referred to as being within the Complementary and Alternative Medicine realm.  Nancy writes and teaches about meditation and CAM, so you will see more information about products and services on her website:  We hope you will follow her there, too.

In other words, Nancy is a multi-faceted person with a vast background of experiences in many walks of life.  This enables her to understand and to empathize with your situation, which will help her put your thoughts into words, which meet your needs.

Fees by the Hour or by the Project

My fees vary, depending on whether you choose editing, writing, or reviewing services. Fees also are influenced by the:

  • amount of lead time you provide
  • complexity of the work
  • amount of research involved.
  • travel requirements
  • ability to do the work and transmit it online for the most part.

If you put me on retainer for six months, I’ll give you a reduced rate. You also may qualify in other ways to be one of my VIP Clients. In addition, I occasionally give discounts to specific networking group members and to worthy causes. Contact me for details at



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