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Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt headshotMy social media links and web pages are listed quickly here. Below them, you’ll find details in case you want to know what kind of content each contains. Let’s go to the “Executive Summary” now.

Main Web Pages

My Get Well Guru = 

My Persuasive Presentations, LLC =

Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products (aka Fine Arts of America website)  =

Nancy’s Novelty Presentation Infographics for presenters and event coordinators (training, retreats, conferences, seminars, etc.) =

My Social Media Links

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Instagram = PixNotWords and

LinkedIn =

Night Café =

Pinterest = @PixNotWords

Pixabay =

Reddit =

Twitter = @NancyKnowsLife  As of 11-18-2022, I’m still using Twitter, but I’ll be joining other sites in case Twitter becomes unworkable now that it’s under new management.

YouTube =

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Before giving details about the content on various platforms, I want to thank you for visiting  My Get Well Guru website, My Persuasive Presentations, LLC website, my Fine Arts of America aka Pixels website, and my Facebook, X-Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Pixels, BlogSpot, Night Cafe, Reddit, and other social media pages.

Some of you explore my writing, editing, training, personal coaching or counseling, and instructional services on my company website for My Persuasive Presentations, LLC. Thank you for your purchases of a variety of products and services. I look forward to serving you in the future!

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To make it easier for you (and me), I thought it helpful to update all my (current) social media links in one place. You can find me in many venues sharing info about many topics!

Yes, I also do Zoom and hold Sip and Share Chat Sessions there!

Below is a detailed list of social media links as of 11/11/2023

Social Media Links for You

female speaker standing behind a podium with microphones. SpeakerI am a lifelong activist. Thus, my personal Facebook and Twitter pages include comments on socio-political and equal justice issues. I avoid that on my “special interest” pages. You may enjoy them more, and those are the links I’m sharing now.

Let’s start with my LinkedIn, X-Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube lists. I would love to have you follow me there.


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Click Here for my LinkedIn page.

This page shows a lot of my background, although it badly needs to be updated. giggling smiley face girl with lashes and bow

Of course, you can find a composite of my background in the “About” sections of My Get Well Guru website and the website for My Persuasive Presentations, LLC.

Twitter – Now  XX

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health and wellness topics from reliable sources


philosophical thoughts

art and photography

scientific developments

(not just my stuff – mostly things from other people)

(Note: it turns out that all the things I post with my project, “Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products For You,” automatically post to this Twitter page, so you can easily keep up with the new things I offer each week. These photos go onto products you can purchase via my Pixels website.

They include #mugs, #yogamats #phonechargers #batterychargers, #t-shirts #sweatshirts #totebags #homedecor #beachtowels #artwork, and more. There are over 500 images there, and they have been browsed by over 320,000 visitors as of 11/2022. See more details below.)

My Social Media Links Include Several Facebook Pages

Please follow me on my special interest Facebook pages using these links.

My Persuasive Presentations, LLC on FB

Pink coffee cup on pastel blue table with keyboard, notes, and pencils for My Persuasive Presentations, LLC website for writing and editing services

writing, editing, personal growth coaching, business topics

Again, I have a separate website for these topics:

Nancy’s Healy: Great Health & Happiness, Pain & Stress Relief, + More

Healy healing

Go Here to learn all the details and answers to your Frequently Asked Questions About the Amazing Healy. It’s a wearable wellness device that is FDA-cleared for addressing pain. It is approved in Europe for many more conditions. Ask me!

My Get Well Guru on FB

My Get Well Guru logo

health and wellness tips, articles + suggestions

Most of these articles and educational infographics are from trusted sources, versus my own creations.

Nancy Knows Us on FB

Nancy wants to learn chanting

philosophical thoughts, memes, and quotes

Change Your Life  on FB

Change Your Life! black and gold logo

life, personal, and business coaching posts

In case you don’t know about “Life Coaching,” Click Here for more info.

Sleep Like A Baby on FB

Sleeping Baby

sleep tips, tricks, and soothing things to view before sleeping

+ my Sleep Like A Baby guided meditation

Nancy’s Novelty Infographics on FB

These are posts about slides that can be used by presenters and event coordinators to announce coffee and meal breaks, breakout session instructions, etc. They are inexpensive, and you can buy them singly or in collections – with the same theme, or as mixed content with different themes. Some are elegant, some are humorous. They are my creations, so feel free to ask me about them, or start by clicking on the link below these pics.

Infographic -Gimme a Break - OK - 10 minutes red and yellow flowers in background My Persuasive Presentations, LLC Infographic - Not Trying to build pyramids, just a business plan

Infographic keyboard on fire break for tech issue fix

Whether it’s for New York City’s Fashion Week or a local Twelve-Step meeting, I’ve got something you can use that suits your mood, intention, and clientele. Click Here to go to my My Persuasive Presentations, LLC website which describes the offerings in detail.

on BlogSpot

Logo for Nancy's Notions ~ A Writer's Bloc

I expect to post about topics that are “all over the place,” if I know me! Suggestions are welcome. It may include various kinds of writing, photography, art, and philosophy. I’ll occasionally post about writing contests that are open to you. It will be politics-free, as I have other places where that restriction does not apply.

This is another social media platform to which I must devote more attention. It has some short videos on health tips, dramatic readings, and more. I also need to merge pages. However, please check out the goodies that are there now.

Yes, I’m on Instagram, @PixNotWords

Instagram icon - social media

but it’s very confusing because I have pages I know I created and other pages that “Popped up from Nowhere!” I can’t figure it out, so I just gave up, and my posts go wherever they choose to go! Plan A is the plan I gave up on. Plan B should go into effect in 2024 when I have time to try to figure it out better. Cross your fingers for me, as Meta keeps changing algorithms without teaching users what to do next.


Pinterest icon

As of this writing (11/2023), I have 10,444 pins in several different collections and about 7.5K monthly visitors. However, it’s confusing as I have two sites that I cannot merge, and only one of them has my products on it. The rest are of many other topics of interest. Even I cannot navigate to the one I want at times. Ah, technology!

Click Here to go to Nancy’s Novelty Pix & Products where you can see a variety of saved images. They include health tips, exotic animals, Haute Couture fashion, jewelry, food carving, ocean life, interior design, and other topics of interest to me.

You also will find images and some links to  Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products for You. To see the full range of over 700 images on over 76 collections, go directly to my Pixels website where you can purchase the items on many different products. See the next paragraph.

Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products for YOU

Cactus Mandala mug frm Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels Products
These photos go onto products you can purchase via my Pixels website. You can change both the image size and background color on your selections. There are 500+ images in 70+ collections with different themes (flowers, animals, sports, food, politics, diverse cultures, etc.).
Each is available on:
wall art (framed and posters)
home decor (duvet covers, shower curtains, towels, and throw pillows)
t-shirts and sweatshirts for people of all ages, including onesies for infants
yoga mats
tote bags
cell phone covers
battery chargers
spiral notebooks
greeting cards
holiday ornaments.
These make great, inexpensive gifts for ourselves and others (family, friends, co-workers) as well as for swag bags, raffle gifts, and promos. Mix or match.
Here are some examples as shown on weekender tote bags.
Find tote bags from Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels social media site Find tote bags from Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels social media site Find tote bags from Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels social media site

What More Do You Want to Know?

signs with questions who, what, why, when, where, how for social media blog suggestionsPlease tell us about wellness or life coaching topics that you would enjoy our putting into a blog for you. That blog could be posted here or on one of the Facebook links.

Please Share Testimonials and Referrals

smiley face with red lips blowing kisses thanks for testimonials on my social mediaIf you have enjoyed our services and/or products, we welcome referrals to other individuals or groups/ Thank you, in advance, for any testimonials you provide for our use in making people aware of our offerings.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”– Melodie Beattie

Click Here to read testimonials that I’ve received for everything from writing and editing, to holistic healing, to classes I’ve taught.

bubble figures shaking hands while sitting atop blue letters B2C (business to customer) bubble figures shaking hands sitting atop letters B2B (business to business)I am grateful to you, and I thank you again for your support.

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