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Testimonial for Being Wise and Multi-Talented "smelling Like A Rose" business etiquette

From Business Coach, Marvin Powell, during his presentation, “Principled Planning Part IV. – “The Art of Encouraging Leadership!” on YouTube. Live-Streamed on January 15, 2021.

One last and most important shout-out I’ve got to give to people in the audience today –    my girl, Nancy Wyatt. Nancy is just a superior intellectual on so many different levels.

I mean she’s one of the Jack of All Trades. She can do anything …  everything – which is scary, … but she’s just chock full of wisdom and expertise, especially in the world of wellness and learning how to feel better about who you are, what you do, and what you contribute to the Universe. She can give you great advice, and she’s the kind of person that you can trust.

She also puts it together.  If you have to write something down or if you have to create something, she’s just a wonderful extra set of eyes to help you fine-tune your message, your images, and your branding, and sort of get that thing together, too.

So, you know, she’s just – she’s a Michelangelo! – she can do it all. So, I highly suggest that if you have a chance to chat and speak to or get some wisdom from Nancy, go ahead and do that, cause she’s a super genius.

She says she has a pain reduction system she’s going to launch for remote healing sessions … really cool, and, obviously, you can get to Nancy through her email address.

Testimonial for Public Speaking and Teaching Presentations

female orator standing behind a podium with microphones. Speaker

Nancy Wyatt was a presenter in January of 2019 for The Sage Sisters, a community of women I founded who believe they are on a never-ending journey of discovery, learning, and growth and engage in self-development discussions and workshops.

Nancy’s wealth of expertise and meaningful life experiences has given her a tremendous amount of wisdom to share, and she does so with professional elegance. She has a magnetic personality and is full of flair, while also being gentle and compassionate.

She provided extensive materials to participants which were full of self-evaluation tools, information, and tips – an invaluable resource to keep handy. Nancy is a gifted presenter and facilitator, and I am looking forward to having her back in 2020 to present another workshop for the group.

Testimonial for Private Teaching/Tutoring

woman teaching student at desk

It is my privilege to recommend Nancy Wyatt for a position with your company. She is a remarkable teacher who brings to her work patience, creativity, and unusual insight into a student’s unique challenges.  Most recently, one of her students raised his SAT scores high enough to obtain admission to Johns Hopkins University by early decision.

I have known Ms. Wyatt for several years and not only is she a remarkable teacher, but her writing skills allow her to edit (she edited a book of ours) and do re-writes as well.  Her more extensive background includes college administration, non-profit management, and community service.

Ms. Wyatt is a consummate professional.  She is dedicated, reliable, committed, personable, and attentive to detail.  She will be an asset to any company she joins.  

Sandra Manigault, M.A., Co-founder, The Manigault Institute 

Testimonials re Pro Resume Package

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This testimonial is from Scott, a construction engineer, specializing in cost estimating, who engaged me for resume editing and cover letter writing in October 2015.

Nancy is the epitome of professionalism when it comes to resume editing and writing or any other editing projects. She is always on time for meetings to discuss my resume and always prepared beyond belief. Ms. Wyatt does her homework to understand something she may not know or figures out a better angle to present the information to the potential employer for maximum impact.

Nancy took the time to understand, in-depth, my industry and my gifts and capabilities to tailor the wording of the resume to highlight those gifts and talents specifically to the position I was pursuing. The success of this approach showed up in the time it took for my new employer to call me after I uploaded my resume to his site.

The President of my present employer said that the resume Ms. Wyatt prepared for me was the most impressive resume he had ever seen in his life. (The gentleman is in his 60’s.) In fact, the company had been ready to hire a different applicant before my resume was received.  Just to prove my point, I sent the resume in at 9:00 am on Monday and was called 1.5 hours later. That happened on a Monday. On Wednesday, I interviewed with the Vice President of the company; and, on Friday, I interviewed at 1:00 pm with the hiring group.  I was hired later that Friday afternoon.

The added changes and the amazing editing craft and hard work Nancy put into my first attempt at creating a resume turned my resume into poetry that Mona Lisa would be more than impressed to read if she wasn’t just a painting.

Nancy understands the proper format, font, style of resume writing per industry: for example, government versus commercial styles or another industry. That was impressive in and of itself. Nancy was the only editor/writer who prepared both a chronological and functional resume to be sent out.

In my opinion, Nancy is the Top Gun of resume/CV editing and writing. When you are going after that one position you know you are the best fit and have all the background for, how could you not go with a professional like Nancy?

Testimonials About Writing, Editing, and Consulting Services

Woman's fingers typing with computer keyboard

This testimonial is from a colleague, who is an outstanding illustrator, designer, and more. We have collaborated on writing projects, and she counts me among her cadre of go-to writers.

Kate Brown-Wing [Studios]Creative Director/Senior Illustrator/Designer Brown-Wing Design Group

“Nancy Wyatt is quite an impressive woman and an award-winning professional. The International Woman of the Year Award, The Who’s Who of International Business and Professional Women’s Hall of Fame Award, The Who’s Who of American Women Award all agree!

I have a wonderful working relationship with Nancy Wyatt of My Persuasive Presentations. Nancy is perceptive, agile, responsible, and extremely talented. I’ll just come right out and say it… Nancy is brilliant! I am so fortunate to work with her. She has delivered thorough, timely, and exceptional writing… reliably. She is a delight to work with, I recommend her highly.”

 Testimonials re Meditation | Visualization Class

Here is a testimonial from an adult learner, who took one of my classes and promises to take more!

From Celestino Beltran, Azalea Health Innovation, Inc., 10/19/2012

“I first met Nancy as a student in a class she gave on Creativity Visualization. The class was amazing for its comprehensiveness and summary of various concepts in this field of spirituality. Since this first encounter, I have sought out Nancy’s advice. Nancy has provided excellent advice in a most professional manner. I have come to respect and value Nancy’s advice and counsel.”

 Testimonials About Writing, Editing, and PowerPoint Presentations

stick_figure_writing words:_goals: vision, purpose, goals

This testimonial is from a colleague, and she is the person who certified me in VoicePrint Analyses.

Sandy Young,  Minister at The Living Light Center Church of Faith and Healing

“Nancy (Ayanna) is an excellent writer and speaker and does a wonderful job with power point presentations. Always very professional in the work that she does.”

Testimonials About Policy & Procedure Analyses and Documentation for Audits

figure at whiteboard drawing graphs for technical writing manual

This testimonial is from a colleague with whom I collaborated on creating auditable documentation about auditable financial policies and procedures.

Diana LairdSenior Programmer Analyst at George Washington University

“Nancy speaks and writes well and is talented at creating and delivering presentations. She is also talented in teaching and mentoring.”

Testimonials re Teaching and Guiding in the Realms of Holistic Healing and Metaphysics

zen basalt stones and orchid with bamboo and white candles on the wood

This one is from one of the people for whom I’ve been doing holistic healing in absentia during the Covid-19 pandemic. She is in  California, and I live in  Virginia.
“I have always been a firm believer in holistic health and wellness. I had been receiving treatment for PTSD brought on by a car accident. Before I could complete my face-to-face treatment, the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and everything came to a stop. I was no longer able to do the follow-up treatments of acupuncture and Reiki as I had planned.
I knew Nancy was skilled in several modalities of holistic healing and hypnotherapy, but I didn’t see a way to make use of her services given that she is on the east coast and I live on the west coast.
During one of our daily chats, she mentioned that she was doing distance Reiki with another person. That was music to my ears and an answer to the dilemma that I was experiencing. The pandemic had shut down my access to holistic treatment for PTSD and I wasn’t able to get restful sleep or maintain emotional balance.
I immediately inquired about enrolling for distance treatment. Happily, she agreed and I am so grateful. It is a wonderful feeling to wake up calm and relaxed. Not only that but to go to bed with back and shoulder pain and wake up free to stretch and feel invigorated is so freeing. I haven’t experienced such a feeling of calm and well-being since the auto accident last September.
No more hanging on the side of my bed wondering if I have enough strength and stamina to get moving.
This wonderful woman has also touched on some of my emotional challenges that I never even mentioned. Before I could tell her about them, she was explaining to me her “sense” of what she experienced in a session that paralleled my emotional and spiritual condition.

I am so glad I gave myself this gift of healing. Thank you, Nancy.”

More Metaphysics

7 chakras glowing in figure in meditation pose

Here is another testimonial is from a long-time colleague, who is a Realtor, but also is certified in a number of CAM modalities, and who writes policies and procedures, does web design, etc. – Ayda B. Walsh

“Nancy has been part of our Fairfax Spirituality and Metaphysics group as a dedicated member for many years. She has provided her expertise, experience, time, and energy to help with our sessions in spirituality, metaphysics, alternative health therapy discussions, Energy work, and more. (Nancy) is an outstanding person with great heart and energy. She loves to share her experience and help others. If you ever meet her in person you will know what I mean. She is a delightful person to be around and even better to have as a great friend!”

Testimonials – How To Start A Business

(English and Spanish)

pyramids - not building them - just a business plan

From a Spanish speaker, this testimonial is typical of the response I get when I teach my How To Start A Business class to people for whom English is a second language.

(The materials for that class are available in both English and Spanish.)

To: Nancy Wyatt

 “Hi, Nancy,  First of all, I want to say thank you for the class you gave us.  It was very clear because you prepared the explanation very well.  Even though I am still learning English, I could get the 90% of the information.  Thank you for the coupon.  I will refer other people to you as you offer.

I appreciate you,”


Testimonials – Basic Business & Computer Skills

business woman standing up and punching computer screen

Here is a new testimonial (2016) (taken from an evaluation form)  as I’ve begun teaching the “All You Need To Know About…” Basic Business and Computer Skills classes for beginners. It was submitted by an entrepreneur colleague.

“Nancy is awesome. Her patience and ability to inspire people to move into unknown territory is a precious gift!!!”  

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