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OMG!Have You Seen How Much People Charge For Professional Résumé Packages?!!

I have. I thought there was something wrong with me when I saw how much time and effort I had to put into creating a Professional Résumé Package for a colleague of mine. So I researched the “going rate” on the Internet and found people are charging $1,200 – $1,800 for résumés!

Given the number of hours and amount of work I was doing for this client, I realized that the above figures are completely fair and realistic when people are trybusiness_meeting_shaking_hands_300_clr_7558ing to find positions in this “Age of Technology.”

I didn’t charge him the full amount, but I should have since we got immediate and stupendous results!

The job hunting game is completely different from even five years ago. I wound up creating a class about it! However, I digress … back to the subject of resumes ….

laptops and 2 figures shaking handsThis man is one of my VIP Clients, so I gave him a discount. Happily, he was hired IMMEDIATELY upon the company’s opening his uploaded materials, even though they already had chosen a different applicant

See from his testimonial below. It was a blessing and worth the money for both of us.  There were smiles everywhere – from his new employers in California to his friends in Virginia who have heard the story, and, of course, on my face. Let me tell you what the Professional Résumé Package includes and then I’ll share the story from his perspective.

What Are Professional Résumé Packages?

red key saying "success" on a keyboardI can do the short and sweet kinds of résumés needed by people who are new to the workforce. See fee considerations at the bottom of this page.

Professional Packages, however, are for high-end positions with well-qualified applicants. They may have long and/or highly technical backgrounds.

The overall concept is that I will create résumé packages, which applicants can use as a template that they later customize for each position. This means they don’t have to keep hiring me (unless they want to) to do the customization for them.

The package includes one or two kinds of résumés (chronological and/or functional) plus a cover letter and a thank you letter to whoever interviewed the candidate.

What’s Involved In Creating Professional Résumé Packages?

  1. We start by scheduling a free initial consultation, which can last as long as an hour so that I can learn more about you and your goals, and we can decide whether you want a chronological or a functional résumé. (There also may be a different format required for specific industries, such as résumés for the performing arts.)
  2. You then can decide to take my 1-hour class as a “stand-alone” option and do to do the rest of the work of creating your résumé without me.
  3. You also could decide to take the class and simply have me review (critique) the materials you already have, rather than my editing and revising them. The price for reviewing and making suggestions is less expensive than the price for writing/editing.
  4. If you decide to engage me for writing and editing, the “job-hunting class” is free, as part of the Professional Resume Package.
  5. I can create a résumé “from scratch,” if necessary. However the Client usually provides whatever he or she has used, and I edit it. The cost for that depends on the degree of complexity and research involved to customize it for specific positions and/or specific industries.
  6. I provide a cover letter – also designed for a specific position or industry.
  7. I provide a template for thank you letters to be sent to people who interviewed you.
  8. You may make revisions* to as many as two drafts as part of the initial package before the final is submitted to you.  *Revisions must be “within reason.’ That means you are not to interpret revisions as vast changes or starting over. If you want to do that, it will be done under a new agreement.


  1. After the free initial consultation, we sign a contract for my services. Half the agreed-upon price is due as a down payment upon signing the contract and before I start work. The last payment is due when we have completed any revisions. I give you the completed package, upon receipt of payment.
  2. An alternative is to hire me, on a Retainer basis, for X number of hours per month, so that I can meet these and other reviewing, editing, or writing needs. Such contracts are for a six-month minimum period. A retainer agreement provides you with a reduced hourly cost for my services.

Now, let’s see what my VIP Client, Scott, had to say about his job-search experience with me. He is a construction engineer, specializing in cost estimating, who engaged me for résumé editing and cover letter writing in October 2015.

Testimonial – Professional Résumé Package

Nancy is the epitome of professional when it comes to resume editing and writing or any other editing projects. She is always on time for meetings to discuss my résumé and always prepared beyond belief. Ms. Wyatt does her homework to understand something she may not know or figures out a better angle to present the information to the potential employer for maximum impact.

Nancy took the time to understand, in-depth, my industry and my gifts and capabilities to tailor the wording of the résumé to highlight those gifts and talents specifically to the position I was pursuing. The success of this approach showed up in the time it took for my new employer to call me after I uploaded my résumé to his site.

The President of my present employer said that the résumé Ms. Wyatt prepared for me was the most impressive resume he had ever seen in his life. (The gentleman is in his 60’s.) In fact, the company had been ready to hire a different applicant before my résumé was received.  Just to prove my point, I sent the résumé in at 9:00 am on Monday and was called 1.5 hours later. That happened on a Monday. On Wednesday, I interviewed with the Vice President of the company; and, on Friday, I interviewed at 1:00 pm with the hiring group.  I was hired later that Friday afternoon.

The added changes and the amazing editing craft and hard work Nancy put into my first attempt at creating a résumé turned my résumé into poetry that Mona Lisa would be more than impressed to read, if she wasn’t just a painting.

Nancy understands the proper format, font, style of resume writing per industry: for example, government versus commercial styles or another industry. That was impressive in and of itself. Nancy was the only editor/writer who prepared both a chronological and functional resume to be sent out.

In my opinion Nancy is the Top Gun of resume/CV editing and writing. When you are going after that one position you know you are the best fit and have all the background for, how could you not go with a professional like Nancy?

Fees by the Hour or by the Project

My fees vary, depending on whether you choose editing, writing, or reviewing services. Fees also are influenced by the:

  • amount of lead time you provide
  • complexity of the work
  • amount of research involved
  • amount of keywords that are supplied or must be found
  • travel requirements
  • ability to do the work and transmit it online for the most part.

If you put me on retainer for six months, you become a VIP Client, which means I’ll give you a reduced rate and you rank very high on my list of priorities of work to get done fast. You also may qualify in other ways to be one of my VIP Clients. In addition, I occasionally give discounts to specific networking group members and to worthy causes. Contact me for details.

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