Nancy’s Novelties: Yucca Blossoms

Nancy’s Novelties: Yucca Blossoms photo is now available on multiple products on my Pixels page. The photos are printed onto merchandise and are distributed via Pixels. The products include mugs, yoga mats, artwork, towels, tote bags, shower curtains, battery chargers plus phone covers, + more. You can choose different background colors and image sizes plus placement on some products when you order.

These are beautiful soft white yucca blossoms on a flowering yucca plant against the dark green background of foliage and a small beige boulder. The perennial yucca plant does not like “wet feet” and needs to be grown in a dry or well-drained location with full sun. If it is not happy, it will not bloom, so I was thrilled when mine came to life even in this wooded area!

Photo on clothing and other merchandise - Yucca Blossoms by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt

Nancy’s Novelties: Yucca Blossoms on Merchandise

Wall Art (like Tapestries)

So far, I’ve just added to my floral collections; but this project is brand new, and I’ll be adding more pictures with various themes, to include some for holiday collections. Stay tuned!
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