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 My Persuasive Presentations, LLC 

 Do It The Write Way! 

Let My  Fingers Do Your Talking!

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Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt

 We Train, Present, Write, Edit, Script, Consult and

Provide Additional Business Services, Such As Comprehensive Seminars on Whether and How To Start A Business

(See a more complete list of services at the bottom of this page)

Click on this link to see a short video, giving you an example of what we can do together.

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Founding of My Persuasive Presentations, LLC

My Persuasive Presentations, LLC  (MPP) was founded in January, 2013, by its owner, Nancy Wyatt, in the Commonwealth of  Virginia, U.S.A. for the purpose of authoring persuasive presentations and providing products and services which can be sold on-line or in person.

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My Persuasive Presentations, LLC Mission Statement

  • Provide communications products in a variety of media that people need, want, and can obtain easily
  • Provide services to and from anywhere in the world
  • Create templates which other companies will distribute with royalties to My Persuasive Presentations, LLC
  • Consult with small businesses regarding what products and services (including forms) that they need for audits and record keeping

Nancy has been writing and editing books, manuscripts, policy and procedures manuals, correspondence, speeches, resumes, and a variety of other documents for many years; so only the company is new.  She also has been a presenter and trainer throughout her career in for-profit, non-profit, state government, and higher educational organizations.

Hate to write?  Don’t have time? 



I’ll take that  project right off your plate! 

Contact My Persuasive Presentations, LLC for a FREE initial consultation to discover how I jazz up your writing and transform your ideas into clear, persuasive words, which sound like you!

If you are a small business, or an individual considering starting a business, we have perfect classes to assist you in identifying all the factors and functions you need to contemplate and execute for a start-up.  Topics include everything from Purchase Card Industry standards you must meet, to location considerations, to creating business plans and Articles of Incorporation, to whether your should allow employees to use their own electronic devices when doing your work.  We cover many more subjects and can provide professionals to elaborate on tax, IT, legal, and marketing topics.  My Persuasive Presentations, LLC can help you understand “the big picture” and perform individual steps to success.

Use our Contact form or call to schedule an appointment!  (540) 636-4311.

Two Ways To Save Time and Money!

1.  We can save you time and money on projects by utilizing the exchange of electronic files!  This means less travel and fewer meetings.

2.  We might already have a template that can be purchased “as is” or can be customized for your use!  Call or email me to find out.

  Is It Hard To Find Prep Time To Create Presentations?

 Are You Struggling to Make Yourself Heard?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?

 Does Speech-making Scare You?

scared - MSN Clip Art

Thanks to this Toastmaster’s site for answering the question of whether people really fear public speaking more than they fear death.  Their1977 “Book of Lists,”…. gives a list of the top 14 answers given a team of market researchers, when they asked 3,000 respondents, “What are you most afraid of?”     Click here to read the whole article; but these are the highlights.

Speaking before a group     Heights     Insects and bugs     Financial Problems     Deep water     Sickness     Death     Flying     Loneliness     Dogs     Driving/riding in a car     Darkness     Elevators     Escalators

 Guess What!!

I Can Present The Speeches or Classes For You!



My Persuasive Presentations, LLC  can conduct training and present speeches or training and policy/procedures manuals for you on a variety of topics. We can use your own content, or we can create something for you and present it to your audience on your behalf.

Let’s talk!  I can make your life easier and happier!

To contact us, use the form below. You also may leave messages at (540) 636-4311.

Thank you!


Animated Power Point Presentations

 Biographies, Company History

 Blogs To Educate, Entertain, and Attract Followers

 Books and eBooks

Business/Personal Correspondence

Classroom Materials for Teachers and Trainers

 Copy for Internet (Pages That Sell Your Product)

Document Review, Editing

Flyers, Brochures, Greeting Cards, Invitations

Speeches or Scripts

Templates – Generic or Customized, As You Wish

–  And SO MUCH MORE! –

Document Needs Analysis for Small Businesses 

New small businesses may hire me as a consultant to ensure they have the forms needed to conduct business professionally and to document records and activities for legal purposes.

Contact My Persuasive Presentations, LLC now

for a free consultation!

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