Speeches and PowerPoint Presentations

Question: what do I love to do?     Answer: create persuasive speeches and training or classroom presentations!
Question: what is the difference between any other speechwriter and me?     Answer: if you are too scared scared smiley face  or otherwise incapacitated to give the speech, I could present it for you!

Define a Speech! 

figure giving speech at podiumSpeech categories range from wedding toasts to formal debates, from retirement kudos to sales pitches or elevator speeches. They might be for a class you are teaching or to present a business plan. Perhaps, yours is about a topic for which you have great passion, and you want to persuade others to adopt your point of view. Maybe you want to summarize a life story for an audience. If you provide training, speeches are only part of what is involved. You might even have to write Help Desk scripts. If you don’t want to speak, you can turn a PowerPoint into a video, and let it do the talking for you.

When you engage me for help, the speech can be of any length or complexity. You may choose whether we use the magic of  PowerPoint (or similar) presentations, submit the text in typed format, or utilize some combination of styles and techniques.

A one-hour initial consultation is free!

Why Should I Pay Someone To Write A Speech?!

Because creating speeches is HARD WORK and takes a lot of time.

figure sitting dazed with stars encircling head

You already know that, which is why you’d like some help! 

Here’s what we do for you.

What is your topic and how can we make it both persuasive and forever memorable?

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Speeches & Classroom or Training Presentations – Some Guidelines

We’ll discuss the details of your speech assignment by asking these important questions:

  • stick figure drawing goals for trainingWhat is your primary goal?
  • When, where, and for how long will you speak?
  • Will there be a question and answer period; will you take questions during the talk?
  • Who are your listeners (interest group, age, ethnicity, educational background, professionals, lay people, etc.)?
  • How many people are expected to attend?
  • What is their probable attitude towards your point of view? Positive? They are not sure what to think? Negative?   Why?
  • What topics are appropriate for the occasion?
  • Which topics or perspectives interest you and would be of interest to your listeners?
  • What are the primary 1 – 3 things you want people to remember a week later?

We’ll Research the Topic of Your Speeches

books and a computer for researching speeches

By Looking For Relevant:





  • Background information
  • Charts
  • Comparisons
  • Definitions
  • Descriptions
  • Developments (Recent or historic)
  • Evidence, Facts, Examples, Statistics
  • Graphics
  • Humor
  • Music
  • Opposing opinions, beliefs, arguments, values, and policies, if applicable.
  • Perspectives
  • Policies
  • Quotes
  • Statements
  • Trends
  • Videos

Your speech can be as long or short and as fancy or simple as you like it. Let’s talk about it in my complimentary initial consultation.

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Do It The Write Way!  Let My

Fingers Do Your Talking!

About Nancy Ayanna Wyatt

In addition to being a writer/editor, creator of infographics, and a highly engaging presenter and trainer, I am an ethical, energetic, and multi-faceted manager, demonstrably successful in directing human and financial resource allocation, contract administration, policies and procedures development, and supervisory functions. I have managed diverse departments, ranging from business offices to police, to name only two, while working for multi-national corporations, non-profits, higher education, state government, and small businesses. I have created extensive procedures, manuals, and training programs. I use the Internet, MS Office Suite, and presenter software. I have created 3 Word Press websites "from scratch." I sell photos on merchandise at https://pixels.com/profiles/nancyayanna-wyatt. My earned reputation is for fair play and for keeping people informed at all levels. I am praised often for my communication skills, which include listening, public speaking, writing and editing, training, and interpersonal relationships with people of all ages, cultures and hierarchical levels. An example of a presentation is "How To Start A Business," for which I provide extensive notes in English and Spanish. https://mypersuasivepresentations.com/classes-how-to-start-business/. Seminars on many topics may be booked through my website or by calling me. You also may hire me to create/and or present new teaching or training projects!

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