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Classes – How To Start A Business

All You Need To Know Series

All You Need To Know About…How To Start A Business

dollar_sign_with_wings_sm_nwmOut of Work? Can’t Find a Job?

Were You Released From Your Last Employment?


  checking_out_the_view_500_clr_13698Are You Searching Everywhere For More Money?checking_out_the_view_500_clr_13698


Do You Have That Entrepreneurial Spirit or Desire?


Do You Have a Great Idea for a Product or Service?

Do You Want to Start a Business, But Don’t Know How?


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  I Can Teach You How To Start A Business!

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Is it worth the risks?

This class will cover everything from the questions you need to answer, before you begin the process of starting a business, to the steps required to actually create a new business and to meet all the legal requirements.

The principles and procedures we’ll discuss are standard for most kinds of businesses.

We’ll discuss many topics, including, but not limited to:

Finding the business name

Registering with the Federal, state, and local governments

Registering with the SBA

Setting up the company infrastructure

Establishing accounting systems

Establishing IT systems

Establishing marketing systems and materials

Being an entrepreneur is not a good idea for everyone.  But, don’t be a square peg in a round hole!round_hole_square_peg_text_11361

We’ll examine the variables to help you decide IF you want to do it and then HOW you do it.


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Contact me to schedule a class for an individual or for a group.

  • As an overview, typically, this class will run between from one to two hours, depending on the number of students and the number of questions.
  • The seminar is richer, because I am not just reading slides, but am adding additional information, providing anecdotes, and answering questions..
  • Therefore, the most advantageous option is to schedule me – in person – or for an e-meeting type of presentation.
  • However, if you just want the outline in a PDF, that also is available.

Comments From Students

“What I liked best was you’re giving us resources (including handouts) to help with starting a business, networking, and avoiding mistakes and missteps.”

“I am very pleased with what was presented.  Thank you!”

“What I liked best was that the class was very interactive between Nancy and the other classmates.”

Several students, who speak English as a second language, commented that I “always speak clearly and slowly enough to be understood easily.”

In summary, the seminar and the webinar – in terms of my presenting the material as spoken words – are available only in English.  However, the outline of the seminar/webinar/and accompanying notes also are available in Spanish.

Note:  if you select a “Bill Me Later,” option on PayPal, I will not get your payment immediately and cannot send the materials until payment has been received by me.  PayPal has to do a credit check on you and then align with whatever account you tell them to bill later; and I won’t get a payment until all that has been done.  Here are the PayPal options.

In Person, Web, or PDF only

Book events before paying
Specify English or Spanish

Thank you for sharing Life with me!

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